Useful insects and useful reptiles in the garden

Useful insects and useful reptiles in the garden

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There are beneficial insects and also useful reptiles in the garden. And without risking your own safety, because we are not talking about insects and reptiles that are dangerous to humans, it is time to overcome the atavistic repulsion that keeps us away from these creatures. Useful insects and useful reptiles they will help us to improve the quality of our garden making it an organic garden in balance with nature.

Useful insects and reptiles in the vegetable garden

Let's start with reptiles, which are fewer and scare us more. The useful ones, from the point of view of our organic garden, are basically two: the lizards and the little worms.

Useful reptiles in the vegetable garden

If you have a vegetable garden or a garden le lizards they will not fail. They love warm and dry places, they prefer walls, stairways or stony ravines and lay their eggs in the ground in small holes. Lizards are useful in the vegetable garden because they eat snails, slugs, caterpillars and worms, limiting their spread.

Even if it looks like a snake, thelittle worm it is a lizard that in the course of evolution has lost its legs like lizards belongs to the saurian family. That the little worm is not a snake can also be understood from the fact that the eyes have lids that close. The kinship with the lizard is evident in the detachable tail that even the little worms, in case of danger, can leave on the ground to distract the aggressor. Little worms are useful because they feed on snails, worms and insects.

Useful insects in the vegetable garden

Turning to insects, it is even more evident that the difference between beneficial and harmful insects must be seen in reference to the balance that generally exists in nature between herbivores and carnivores. Since we are talking about the vegetable garden and the garden, the enemies are the herbivorous insects that eat the plants while the useful allies are the carnivores that eat the herbivores.

The beneficial insects best known are the ladybugs, which are not only red with black spots but also yellow, orange and other colors (even gray-blue at the larval stage). Ladybugs are very useful because they devour large quantities of aphids, but they are also hypersensitive to insecticides of all kinds. So if we fight aphids with chemicals we risk exterminating even the precious ladybugs.

Also useful are the carabids, beetles that those who do not know them will call 'cockroaches' even if they are another thing. Some fly, others don't, often have a bright green colored back. They won't look pretty, many people feel a kind of phobia towards them, but they are valuable because they hunt Colorado beetle larvae, processionaries and snails. Carabidae also eat earthworms, which is not a good thing for the garden, but in limited numbers they reach a good balance.

Also useful in the garden for their action of predatory insects are crisope, the scissors, the hoverflies and some bedbugs. Yes, precisely bedbugs, because among the numerous species there are some predators of aphids, mite eggs, lice and larvae. The nice thing is that the useful bedbugs come into action in early spring and clean up the vegetable garden and the garden at a time when the use of insecticides would be very harmful.

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