Why build an insect shelter

Why build an insect shelter

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For build an insect shelter there are at least four good reasons. Then everyone will add their own at will, but the main ones are these: protecting biodiversity; fight against plant parasites with a conservative biological fight; educating the little ones to love for nature; practice an excellent anti-stress activity. The Campagna Amica Foundation, which dedicates studies and attention to 'bug hotels', explains them this way.

Building an insect shelter for the defense of biodiversity. Anthropogenic activities are causing the loss of biodiversity across the planet, with serious repercussions in the world of insects. Among these are predatory insects and pollinating insects and, as Albert Einstein said: "If one day bees were to disappear, man would have only four years of life left".

Building an insect shelter for conservative biological control. Hosting insects in the vegetable garden and in the garden serves, somewhat selfishly, to procure valuable allies in the fight against plant parasites. Thanks to useful insects, ladybugs, chrysopes, earwigs, mason wasps, it is possible to fight infestations without resorting to chemicals that leave traces in the soil. And then there is the function of the pollination function which, without us realizing it, increases the number and size of fruits and vegetables that we can pick in the garden and in the vegetable garden.

Building an insect shelter as an environmental education. Environmental education, understood as the set of sustainable behaviors, should be a teaching subject. This is true for adults, and many would need it, and even more so for children. Teaching children how to build an insect shelter, why it is built and how it works, is an educational action. And it is also fun, for young and old.

Building an insect shelter as an anti-stress therapy. Activities in the garden and in the vegetable garden are an excellent anti-stress. Like other physical activities, but in this case there is also the advantage of being in contact with nature. Certain jobs are tiring, of course, but they recover psychic energy. Building an insect shelter is a manual activity that is not very tiring but very stimulating for the imagination.

Professional insect shelter nest

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