Dog tracheitis: symptoms and treatment

Dog tracheitis: symptoms and treatment

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Dog tracheitis: is an inflammatory process that affects the trachea, an organ part of the respiratory system, consisting of a series of cartilaginous rings arranged in sequence. We can imagine it in flames, there trachea, like a sort of long tube that begins in the lower part of the throat, crosses the entire neck and ends inside the rib cage. The main detectable symptom oftracheitis of the dog it is cough, usually easily provoked with the direct stimulation of this “tube”.

Dog trachitis: symptoms

Cough, the most common symptom of tracheitis of the dog, can be of various kinds. Mild and sporadic or frequent and intense: it depends on the intensity and severity and extent of the inflammation. Cough, as for inflammation in humans, also for tracheitis of the dog, can be accompanied by annoying retching.

When someone in the house has the tracheitis of the dog, someone with 4 legs, of course, you can hear a strange bark, with tones and sounds different from those you are used to. Also this aspect that has a correspondent in what happens to us humans with sore throats. What a voice, at times, that comes ... if we have the voice, of course!

In addition to the sound emitted, different, even the posture can be modified by the presence of the tracheitis of the dog which tends to crouch, with the neck stretched out, with attempts to swallowing or expulsion of liquid or phlegm accompanied by unpleasant noises, which let us imagine how much he is suffering.

Dog trachitis: causes

There tracheitis of the dog it can be triggered by a virus, or by bacterial origin, or linked to the presence of allergens and foreign bodies. They too can irritate the dog's respiratory tract, causing him to cough frequently and exacerbating the symptoms.

In some cases the tracheitis of the dog, unfortunately, it turns out to be a warning sign of cancer, as well as of something less serious, such as an injury to the trachea or even from oral diseases. Chronic cough in addition to tracheitis as a simple inflammation in its own right, it can also be triggered by heart disease and lung disease.

It also exists, connected to the dog tracheitis, the one called "kennel cough ". It is a viral infection that exposes the tissues of the oronasal cavity to attack by germs and bacterial infections. The cough, that of tracheitis of the dog, it can also run into simple circumstances such as those of a dog who catches cold running in the garden and then returns to the domestic warmth: thermal shock and welcome tracheitis of the dog.

Dog trachitis: diagnosis and treatment

It's the vet's turn, in front of the tracheitis of the dog, make a diagnosis, based on the symptoms and, if deemed necessary, by prescribing more in-depth tests: blood tests and x-rays. At this point, the treatment is decided, only once the cause of the disease is understood tracheitis of the dog, which can be the primary disorder or, as we have said, also the secondary one with respect to a triggering cause of another kind. And that certainly requires other treatments.

The cure, that's why a veterinarian is needed, a good veterinarian, must also be studied based on the dog's reaction to the treatment and its habits. What about the timing of recovery from dog tracheitis? A few days as much more, it ranges from many cases, so the standard does not exist.

With antibiotics and expectorants, usually in three weeks one can get rid of tracheitis of the dog, returning to hear its natural barking and zero cough, the most annoying and invasive symptom of the tracheitis of the dog. For the dog, and for us who live with it.

In case the tracheitis of the dog is due to bacterial and parasitic infections, the treatment is also based on pesticides, as well as antibiotics. Always prescribed by the vet. If, on the other hand, a pathology such as cancer or something lung is involved, or real injuries, you need to stop thinking about the cough itself and focus on the triggering cause.

In any case, it is important not to interrupt the prescribed treatment, even if the symptom that is evident for us is the tracheitis of the dog, It's disappeared. There is a course, a veterinarian who knows him, we stay as long as he prescribes. During the grooming, it is advisable to keep the dog warm and not expose him to the elements. It would be great on this occasion, only to hopefully not having to use it for another one tracheitis of the dog, perhaps at the most out of habit, to get a coat for walks. It is a way, not the only one but the simplest and most common sense, to help speed up healing by preventing tracheitis of the dog you become chronic.

Take care of the tracheitis of the dog with the antibiotic it is always the best choice, and usually gives its fruits after a week, there is also the opportunity of mucolytic drug , it depends on the vet, and nobody prevents the owners from using homeopathic remedies as well.

Dog tracheitis: natural remedies

For this pathology they are a valid solution, not always an alternative, it depends on the causes, certainly they are fine to support. For the tracheitis of canand you can act with one homeopathic syrup based on Cuprum, Chamomilla Cupru Culta or Magnesium Phosphoricum.

Always related to problems of tracheitis of the dog, since it is inflammation, there are Ribes Nigrum, Perilla Oil and Black Currant Oil and Aloe. Common sense, which is homeopathic, for dog tracheitis also recommends avoiding traditional collars for some time, replacing them with so-called harness leashes.

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