Ebike BIKE + all in one: features and tests

Ebike BIKE + all in one: features and tests

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There BIKE + all in one by Zehus it is 100% Italian. But it must be talked about not only for national pride, but because it is a record.

Zehus, in fact, it is the exact acronym of Zero Emission Human Synergy, is a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano and has brought a breath of fresh air in the mobility sector, especially urban, especially on two wheels, but also expanding its interlocutors to "those who bike, but what an effort".

Designed in Milan, BIKE + all in one, was financed in Veneto, by the venture incubator M31, and is based on the all-in-one concept. In truth, everything in one, in one wheel, because thanks to an intelligent and technological system, all the pedal assistance components are concentrated in a single volume, which is then applied to the rear wheel, with a diameter of 20 ”and up. Request not at all pretentious.

The slightest impact this has on the bike, aesthetically and logistically, is the secret of success, not the only secret but the most obvious, ofebike BIKE + all in one. To be added, a particularly negligible detail, is the way in which all this is managed. Because if small is beautiful, sometimes it is not necessarily comfortable, but in the case ofebike Zehus everything is manageable via Bluetooth with smartphone.

The system designed, "segregated" in the Bike + hub, contains the electric motor, (power 250W, rated voltage 24V), the battery (8 elements in series, 160Wh), two micro-controllers, a tri-axial accelerometer for slope estimation, a CAN-Bus line and the "magic" Bluetooth module for command everything. Remotely. Through a App for smartphones, this way every cyclist, amateur, enthusiast or lazy, can easily and in his own way monitor the flows of energy, instant power and engine assistance as well as setting some basic system parameters. And so also decide the electric use of BIKE + all in one.

Among the advantages ofebike Zehus, Bike +, surely there is the fact that it is equipped with assistance, an internal algorithm, which takes care and takes care of maintaining the optimal charge of the bike, and perhaps also of the cyclist, why not? This does not happen a priori, by calculating everything based on a certain route forecast, but through technology Advanced Charge Sustaining Technology, based on a patented intelligent algorithm ZeHuS.

It exists, with ebike Zehus, the ability to conveniently choose, via the app, when to take advantage of the 100% electric full mode by taking full advantage of the engine power. All this in less than 3 Kg, the weight of the complete hub, for a kit that contains a lot of concentrated wisdom, sustainable and to be supported and developed, without fear that the parameters of electric vehicle go to request the presence of a plate. We are at 250W of power, with a maximum interlocking speed of 25km / h.

It almost seems like a dream not to have to give up your bike, with BIKE + all in one, but have an accessory that transforms it. In addition to the idea itself beautiful, just think about how the impact on users can change, even if only at a psychological and economic level, to understand how ebike Zehus is able to represent a turning point.

The kit is universaland and was designed on purpose so that it does not preclude any possibility in the assembly. Of course, gradually we are studying and creating a sort of customization of the kit, for graphics, for example, as well as for parameters that can be set with the app, according to your needs, not only aesthetic. In itself, the kit works in full and total autonomy but you can use an app to intervene on the initial thrust, for example, or on the regenerative brake.

With BIKE + all in one one never discharges, indeed, one always remains over half full, indicatively, because that of theebike Zehus it is an intelligent system and evaluates the amount of energy to be supplied, when, and for how long, by “reading” the route and if it is at the start, or uphill and downhill. The future, in addition to infinite design and graphics, forebike Zehus lies in battery technology.

Perhaps we would like to increase the capacity of the system even if there is not strictly and immediately the need for it and there are also laws and limits on motor powers and other parameters that make us consider more than satisfactory what has so far been made available by Zehus. There is a lot to pedal.

BIKE + all in one: our test (by Matteo Di Felice)

The theory is always interesting but to test a product with your hand, or rather "with legs" in this case :-), the ideal is always to be able to try it in person and so I had the opportunity to do, facilitated by the fact that headquarters of Zehus, is in Milan, in the Rubattino area and therefore a 10-minute bicycle ride from the IdeeGreen headquarters in the Piazza Udine area.

Meta of the test was the Lambro Park, always a few rides away, where, accompanied by Giovanni Alli (Marketing Manager and Design and System Integrator of Zehus Bike +) I was able to check the performance on different types of terrain and slopes.

In the short road trip to reach the Lambro Park we set the Bike + in Hybrid modewhich while providing support, keeps the battery charge almost intact, using the energy generated during braking to recharge while in the saddle.

Among the first positive sensations, compared to other eBikes that I have tested, the absence of any "click": Bike + helps in pedaling in a gradual and continuous way thanks to its technology.

It is also nice to be able to restart at the traffic lights being supported by the electric motor continuously and without having to act on the gearbox, as it is necessary to do on a "normal eBike".

Arriving at Parco Lambro, with a simple touch on the slider of the application installed on the Smartphone, we moved on to "eBike mode“, Ready to face a few go up, rather "challenging" that I know well thanks to my running training. The support of the electric motor immediately became impressive and, always without jerks, I found myself at the top of the various climbs, "without the slightest breath".

We continued the test at Parco Lambro on a mixed route, even on long asphalted sections to see the speeds reached with the relative effort.

The product convinced me on all fronts and among the most important advantages I appreciated that of being able to ride on a light bicycle in relation to other eBikes, with a philosophy that allows you to pedal "endlessly" in Eco mode and with a fluidity remarkable. Another important advantage for Zehus customers is to be able to continue to use their bicycle, it being understood that it remains advisable to install the module on quality vehicles and frames.

Congratulations again to Giovanni and the Zehus theme who have created a really interesting product!

The Zehus Bike + I used in my test at Parco Lambro

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