Sprouter: how does it work?

Sprouter: how does it work?

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Thanks to sprouting we can make the seeds of various plant species germinate at home; obviously it is not essential for germination purposes but it can be useful as thanks to this container, which can be made of plastic or terracotta, the formation of molds is avoided and spaces are optimized, thus allowing more species of seeds to sprout at the same time in one space reduced.

The sprouting device consists of various levels of baskets usually superimposed on several levels to sprout more types of seeds; the shelves of the various levels are perforated to allow ventilation and drain the water that is collected in a tray located at the base of the sprouting device, thus avoiding the formation of mold inside the individual shelves.

Sprouter, where to buy it
You can find the sprout and seeds online and in stores specializing in the sale of organic products: the sprouts have prices starting at fifteen euros and up, depending on the models and materials they are built with. The seeds are sold in packages at a cost of less than two euros each.

For a wider choice, we recommend purchasing by mail order via web channels, for example, on Amazon we have selected two interesting ones sprouts visible in the photo above. For more details see the pages:

  • Geo 3-tier plastic sprouter
  • Bodum Grow Green Glass sprouter

Thanks to sprouting we can grow the sprouts of various plant species indoors: this is the case of soybeans, beans, lentils, peas, clover, rocket, beet, broccoli, onion, wheat, leek, radish and other plants.

Sprouter, useful information
Each type of seed germinates in a time ranging from twenty-four hours to a few days; the important thing is to vaporize the seeds with water through a spray bottle, once or twice a day. Within a few days the seeds will open, the radicle and the first leaves of the plant will sprout and from that moment the seeds can be consumed.

Properties and use of sprouted seeds
The germination process allows the raw seeds to be consumed making them digestible for our body and to assimilate the vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and essential amino acids contained in them. The sprouted seeds are also rich in minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A and vitamin B12, very useful for those who follow a vegetarian and above all vegan diet.

Sprouts can be eaten alone or added to salads, soups and broths or in salads made of pasta, rice and other grains such as barley and spelled. They can also be eaten in yogurt or combined with fillings and doughs.

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