Recycle jars of baby food, here's how

Recycle jars of baby food, here's how

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Recycle jars of baby foodit's child's play! There are many creative recycling jobs that can be carried out and just as many are the “reuse” uses.

Unfortunately when it comes to having torecycle jars of baby foodthere are no intelligent recovery systems such as the so-called "returnable vacuum", active for glass mineral water bottles, so for recycling of baby food jars, we will have to play cunning.

Recycle jars of baby food… with creativity!
Creative recycling is an opportunity for a few: only for those who want to do and experiment! Others should go directly to the recycling / reuse paragraph.

With ijars of baby foodyou can make splendid candle holders (even floating ones with colored backdrops), plant holders, cute puppets, centerpieces, decorative containers for sweets and confetti or even themed decorations as may be those necessary to decorate the house or the tree for the Christmas.

The most creative will have to arm themselves with hot glue, tissue paper, ribbons, glass paint and lots and lots of imagination. Many ideas forrecycle the jars of baby foodare contained in our article entitledHow to recycle jars and jars.

Floating candle holder with backdrop
For this DIY recycling you will need small candles with a size of 2 euros. These candles are placed in an extremely light aluminum container which floats when placed in water. Packs of 20 or more of these small candles can be purchased for a few euros (1 - 2 euros) at shopping centers such as Ikea, Auchan, Ipercoop…. even better if you use homemade candles!

For the backdrop you will need simple sand, pebbles collected on the beach or even more in theme, polished glass shards like those found by the sea. Warning! You will need very small pebbles or fragments of polished glass.

In addition to floating candles, ijars of baby foodthey can be recycled to accommodate the wax and wick of a DIY scented candle.

Recycle jars of baby food, reuse

In addition to creative recycling, the oldjars of baby foodcan be useful for:

  • contain bath salts for personal use or for a DIY gift
    - you just need to apply a personalized label and a colored ribbon to pack a jar of homemade bath salts.
  • Sprout seeds
    If the pots are large enough, in addition to germination, they may come in handy for growing some small plants.
  • Pincushion
    They can contain a sewing kit complete with a pin cushion to be made by applying a colored fabric on the cap.
  • Ball holder
    Also for those who love to sew, just make a hole in the lid of the jar to pull away the "end of the skein" and always have it available outside the jar.
  • Spice rack
    An immediate and easy way torecycle the jars of baby food,just mark the name of the spice on the cap using an indelible marker.
  • Homogenized do it yourself
    You can use the jars to contain homemade fruit purees.

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