Spring flowering plants

Spring flowering plants

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With the flowering plants you can have the colorful garden all year round, even in winter. Spring is obviously the easiest season because there are so many shrubs, trees and flowers that express the best of colors this season. On the other hand, it is also the most demanding season from the management point of view.

Certainly with the spring flowering plants in the garden there is plenty of choice. There are apple trees, flowering plums, the Judas tree and a whole series of flowering shrubs that give their best in spring, such as viburnum, cornus, magnolia and cotonaster. Going further, there are lilacs, wisteria, tamarisk, hawthorn. Then there are also the roses, which are the true queens of spring.

But with the spring flowering plants you have to be careful. The risk is not that they are missing, but that of causing 'indigestion' of colors. By grouping them all together flowering plants which hatch in the same period of April, and which bloom for about twenty days, you risk having a 'dazzling' garden for a few weeks and anonymous for the rest of the year.

Ideal with the spring flowering plants in the garden is to program them. In the sense of choosing them according to the moment of flowering: early spring, May, late spring, so as to have a sequence of blooms capable of covering the whole season. For the 'management' of colors, and to create spots or backgrounds in borders and paths, herbaceous perennials and bulbous essences help.

Spring flowering plants that repeat in autumn

There are flowering plants typically spring that in autumn give a second show of colors thanks to the berries and the coloring of the leaves. For example, the Kanzan prunus, the viburnum, the cornus and the wig tree. By placing these plants in strategic points of the garden, for example next to evergreens with dark foliage, the colors can be brought out at their best and at different times of the year.

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