Goldfish aquarium: how to set it up

Goldfish aquarium: how to set it up

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Aquarium for goldfish. It is not chosen by chance, for them it is a home, and we must ensure adequate and clean spaces, comfort and light for our goldfish. In case, then, also good roommates, no drafts and no temperature changes and healthy food: junk food is prohibited! The fact that, assuming it is true, goldfish have short memories, is no excuse for not getting busy setting up a aquarium for goldfish.

In order not to create overcrowding in a aquarium for goldfish the rule of 50 liters for each applies and, if they live together, the more space they have, the healthier they will be. Space, better in a parallelepiped: aquariums for goldfish made in bowls, made of plastic or glass, they are not recommended, they can compromise growth with consequent pathologies such as, for example, rickets. At the moment, I can't tell you how they would react if placed in an aquarium that is not a bowl, no, but a goldfish aquarium that is certainly a bit labyrinthine. Amused or insane? If you try it, let me know! As a goldfish, I think I would appreciate it.

Given the right space, it should be kept clean with a filter system, essential to ensure long life for our goldfish, forgetful or not. The best choice for any aquarium for goldfish is that of a double filtering system. In general, there are different types, the most effective is undoubtedly the biological filter, then there are the "under-sand" filters but only if you really "don't know which way to go". Tap water is just fine, in an aquarium for goldfish it is better to have a minimum temperature of 15 degrees, up to 22 degrees. It must be kept clean, it must also be treated with a bio-conditioner which removes heavy metals, to protect the mucous membranes of goldfish. No foreign objects, however, unless it is a desk pen holder mini aquarium, even with LED light.

Now, finally, get ready! And no tendency to accumulate: in a aquarium for goldfish “hoarders” (serial accumulators) are not allowed because first of all it takes ample space for swimming, at least in the front part. You can then indulge yourself by creating on the sides and in the corners of relaxation points, niches and shelters by combining rocks, woods and plants. No limestone, however, and avoid pebbles that are too small which can pose a danger to the inhabitants of'Aquarium for goldfish. The woods must be those worked on purpose and also on the "houseplants" for Red fishes, it is necessary to prefer resistant ones.

It is not a question of green thumbs, or green fins: they are fish, and reds, at most, so they like to nibble on the leaves, excellent Java moss you hate Elodea. The presence of greenery in theaquarium for goldfish, just like in "our aquarium" called the sky, it favors the exchange of oxygen, as well as a small amount of food for those who live in it. The whole world is aquarium, one might paraphrase, and if life is an adventure even for goldfish, we might as well provide a ghost vessel, hoping they won't be scared ...

Goldfish don't have light problems but would we at least want to watch them swim without going blind? Then you can set up a lighting system average for a aquarium for goldfish medium: 0.5 watts per liter should be the best choice, but lower light is also acceptable. Unless you want to surprise them with special effects: these!

The furnishings and systems are ready, after a check and a "first cycle" to ensure that i beneficial bacteria proliferate, in our aquarium for goldfish, then: "welcome friend"! However, the surprise effect, which translates into one, is not recommended thermal shock, for the poor, unaware goldfish, to be kept instead in a plastic bag immersed in water for about 20 minutes, before letting it splash around in its aquarium. If there are more Red fishes, proceed at intervals of a few weeks. in order not to cause stress to the biological system of the aquarium itself.

In order not to cause stress to the social system, moreover, dell'Aquarium for goldfish, you have to choose compatible ones, and it is not trivial. Just like for humans. Fortunately, "the Babel" that can be created in one aquarium for goldfish has only four categories: that pond goldfish includes "the classic model" and then there are the rare ones, including discovering the Shubunkin. The "caste" of the extravagant, Oranda first of all, with its white color, it cannot prevail, because there is even that of the extremely extravagant, such as the Lion head, the Ryukin with its thousand liveries or roundishPearly scales.

And the rules? The pond ones don't want to be with the rare ones; the Red fishes extravagant on the other hand, the extremely extravagant cannot stand. Once the four goldfish peoples agree, do not mix them with the tropical ones. Decide which of the two categories, but they are just incompatible: if one wallows, the others survive with difficulty, in a certain aquarium. Then, more fish, less fish, watch out for the water: it must be changed weekly, always keeping an eye on the functioning of the filter system which is and remains the essential condition for having gods healthy goldfish.

In addition to the systems and accessories already mentioned, in a aquarium for goldfish can serve a oxygenator it's a thermometer ad hoc for aquariums, a fish net and an algae brush. Then we need a gravel vacuum cleaner or siphon with which to pass the bottom of theaquarium for goldfish, frequently. As for the diet, no junk food! Like its other fish colleagues, like any animated being, the goldfish would prefer food of excellent quality, but above all variegated and with added vitamins, and in the right doses. Like many human beings, he doesn't always know how to regulate, but there is a super-technological manger, even programmable, that does it for him, even in our absence.

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