Sore white: prevention and remedies

Sore white: prevention and remedies

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To keep away the bad white from your plants start with watering. Always administer water at the base rather than at the top of the leaves and avoid water stagnation. For prevention al bad white (also called powdery mildew) a correct ventilation and a good nitrogen fertilization are also important, which in any case must be proportionate to the real needs of the individual plants.

Prevention al bad white it is also made with sulfur, the classic greenish powder. The period indicated for this intervention is the coldest season, when low temperatures make the risk of infestation practically zero. The plants must be completely covered with sulfur dust, bearing in mind that any 'leaks' can nullify the preventive action.

If the infection of bad white is already in progress (the symptom is white or brownish powder on the leaves) a good natural remedy is horsetail decoction. It is a remedy that you can also prepare yourself since the horsetail is very common in the meadows (especially near ditches and streams) where it is also called 'horsetail'.

Horsetail decoction against white sickness

For a sufficient quantity for an extended treatment you need 1 kg of fresh horsetail (better) or 150 grams of dried plant. It is left to soak for a day in 10 liters of water and then boiled over low heat for about an hour. It is cooled and filtered. Before use, the horsetail decoction must be diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 5. The solution should be administered in dry weather, but never when the sun is strong.

The critical periods of the bad white it is late spring and late summer because the different families of fungi that cause this disease prefer high temperatures and a fairly high relative humidity. L'powdery mildew it is quite aggressive, as well as widespread, and it is important that plants arrive strong and healthy during these periods.

If the infestation of bad white it is strong and the horsetail decoction is insufficient to bring the situation back to normal, on the market you can find various specific preparations, from synthetic antioids to mixtures of organic derivation that I personally prefer. A well balanced product is for example this: Killer powdery mildew based on bacterius amyloquiefaciens

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