Portable solar panel, selection guide

Portable solar panel, selection guide

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The photovoltaic kit that we will present to you on this page is perfect for producing and storing energy away from the electricity grid. It is a portable solar panel associated with an extremely resistant storage and inverter system suitable for every situation: from camping to use on a boat or camper.

Thisphotovoltaic kitis composed of aportable solar panel flexible and by a storage and inverter system with multiple capacities.

Among the various models on the market we point out those of the lineTregoo, with proven efficiency and resistant to the most extreme conditions: consider that a kayak enthusiast has spent more than 55 days in the open sea using the energy produced by the presentphotovoltaic kitto power various devices away from the mains. Let's see in detail which onephotovoltaic kitwe're talking about.

Portable solar panel, photovoltaic component for kits

  • Portable solar panel TL20, perfect for those who need lightness
    Aflexible portable photovoltaic panelwith a peak power of20 Wp and dimensions of 620 mm x 272 mm. 20W in just 500 grams of weight, it is very small, light and extremely thin: its thickness is only 1.7 mm. THE photovoltaic panels Tregoo are flexible, thin and light mono and polycrystalline modules. They are made of thermoplastic technopolymers with high physical-mechanical characteristics.
    The absence of glass and frame makes them light, eight times more than rigid crystalline silicon panels and thin. Thisportable solar panelhas a price of 207.98 euros, the price includes a one-year insurance which consists of the "Send Back and Get a New Now" formula. In practice, if the TL20 solar panel were to throw a tantrum within one year of purchase, it will be replaced immediately.
  • TL130 portable solar panel,perfect for those who need power and lightness
    The thickness is identical to the panel seen previously, 1.7 mm. The dimensions are larger and amount to 135 cm x 66 cm.
    The power amounts to 130W. We have decided to recommend these solar panels to create aphotovoltaic kitdue to their efficiency which is almost three times higher than that of other flexible amorphous silicon panels on the market and are also made of totally recyclable plastic materials. The price of this portable solar panel is 603.98 euros and also in this case the product is covered by the formula "Send Back and Get a New Now“.

What are the advantages of theseportable solar panels?

  • The flexibility of the modules allows you to apply the panels even on curved surfaces, so they find wide applications on campers, camping tents, boats ...
  • The increased flexibility makes them more suitable for transport, so they are also suitable for those who travel camping.
  • They are extremely resistant to bad weather and other atmospheric agents.
  • They do not require special maintenance: dirt accumulated on the surface above the photovoltaic cells can reduce their performance. Regular cleaning of the panel is sufficient, using fresh water, with non-abrasive sponges and without jets of pressurized water.
  • They are covered by a warranty and in addition they have a sort of insurance formula: if these portable solar panels get upset within a year, the manufacturer will immediately replace them with a new one.

Aportable photovoltaic panelit must necessarily be connected to an inverter and energy storage system such as the GECKO 350, accumulator and inverter.

To decide the power you need, you may find our guide to choosing the right ones usefulSolar panels for campers.

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