Black tomatoes, properties and cultivation

Black tomatoes, properties and cultivation

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Black tomatoes: how to grow these varieties of tomatoes in your own garden, information on properties and benefits.

In the article dedicated to purple potatoes and blue potato we told you about particular varieties of vegetables with dark pulp and skin. These are vegetables that can be grown in the garden with extreme ease and with unexpected flavors. THE black tomatoes they are grown like the traditional ones, they are varieties that have nothing to do withGMO (genetically modified organisms) and can be grown in the home garden to bring unusual colors.

The anticancer tomatoes

THEblack tomatoesthey are often nicknamedanticancer tomatoes, this due to the high content ofanthocyanins, natural pigments and benefits for the body. Anthocyanins are plant pigments belonging to the class of flavonoids and with strong antioxidant properties.

The black tomatoes

THEtomatoesare grown all over the world, in Italy the variety with red pulp and skin prevails even if in recent years the tomatoes pulp and yellow skin (read more withHow to grow the yellow tomato). Among the less known varieties, we point out thetomatoeswhite pulp or Black: imagine enjoying a plate of spaghetti with white tomato sauce or a margherita pizza with a black tomato sauce, it would be strange right ?!It is for this oddity that the red variety continues to be grown in Italy! However, you can grow blue, purple or black tomatoes in your garden if you wish.

THE black tomatoes, they are tomatoes with a dark pulp with an intense color, they are tastier than red berried tomatoes and are also richer in lycopene (a pigment with a strong antioxidant power). Among the most interesting and available varieties for amateur cultivation, we point out the Black Cherry and the Nero di Cimea tomato.

The Black Cherry tomato is a round cherry variety. Each berry is about 8 - 10 grams, these black tomatoes have a very pleasant flavor pulp and a blackish-red color.

The Crimean black tomato it is large and has rounded and slightly flattened berries. Each berry weighs 120-150 grams. The skin is red-black in color and the dark flesh tastes delicious. The Crimean black tomato was among the first black tomato varieties to be grown in Italy.

How to grow black tomatoes

THE black tomatoes they are sown and cultivated in the traditional way. They are sown in the open field from March to April. All information on the cultivation of black tomatoes can be found in the guide articleHow to grow the tomato.

Where to buy black tomatoes

Dark-fleshed tomatoes can be found from your local retailer or from retailers such asCrivellaro Sementi (Padua), Franchi Sementi (Bergamo), Hortus Sementi (Forlì Cesena) ...or by mail order thanks to online sales: we recommend Crimean Black Tomato, shown in the photo above.

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