Wash the windows and make them shine with natural products

Wash the windows and make them shine with natural products

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Before wash the windows it is necessary to remove the dust that has settled using a dry cloth. For ease, you can use one of those 'cloths to attract dust' that are available on the market and which actually work very well, but it is not essential.

Once this is done, the choice is yours. One of the most effective systems for wash the windows what remains is that of newspaper: roll up a page of the newspaper until it forms a ball and moisten it with a little white vinegar. Used as a rag, it also works perfectly for mirrors. And it's also a great way to give newspapers a second life!

In the case of dirty windows, a cleaner is needed. You can prepare an easy but certainly effective one by combining white vinegar and water (in the proportion of about 1 glass of vinegar to a liter of water). Stir the mixture and put it in a sprayer. Or you can use potatoes and onions to clean the windows, as we recommended in a previous article.

The important thing to know is that for wash the windows and make them shine who knows what products are not needed and natural chemistry is the best ally there is. It must be said that today on the market there are a certain number of 'eco products' that do not contain aggressive substances (such as ammonia and ethylene glycol for example) and not even dyes. In fact, there is no reason why a glass cleaner is blue or red or green, except to attract the consumer's eye.

Speaking of eco labels, it is good to know that there is still no organic certification for cleaning products and therefore you will not find it even by searching among those for wash the windows. However, there are a number of 'eco labels' for non-food products (Ecolabel, Aiab, Ecocert, Icea, EcoBio) that certify the use of biodegradable substances that are not harmful to health and the environment.

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