Ghee, how clarified butter is made

Ghee, how clarified butter is made

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Clarified butter (said ghee) and extra virgin olive oil are considered the most suitable fats for good digestion by nutritionists of Ayurveda medicine. We have a lot of information about extra virgin olive oil, but clarified butter? How is the ghee? What are the properties and benefits of what Indians call 'happy fat' and consider sacred food?

How to make ghee - ghee

Take a nice piece of fresh butter and let it melt gently in a saucepan over low heat, skimming continuously. When the liquid is perfectly foamed and pure (even part of the water evaporates during heating) pour it into a hermetically resealable glass container and just cooled, put it in the refrigerator. Yours ghee it is ready for use.

According to Ayurvedics (Ayurveda means 'science of life') the use of a teaspoon of clarified butter per person per meal provides the right amount of fat without raising bad cholesterol. The important thing is to start with fresh, high-quality butter.

Properties and benefits of clarified butter - ghee

The first advantage of the ghee in the kitchen is that it does not burn when cooked at high temperatures, which instead happens to butter, margarine and certain types of oil. In addition, it is resistant to oxidation and this means that it can be kept for a long time at room temperature or in the fridge, where it lasts even longer without losing the vitamin content (A, E).

Another advantage of the clarified butter is that it can be safely consumed even by those who are allergic to dairy products. This is because during the heating that leads to clarification both lactose and the other solid substances of the milk are lost, so ghee is not comparable to other dairy products.

The saturated fats contained in the ghee (we are talking about the fats essential to the body for a healthy life) have a molecular structure that makes them easier to assimilate than those of other foods, for example meat. For this reason, Ayurveda considers ghee a friend of good digestion.

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