Christmas phone offers 2014

Christmas phone offers 2014

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The Christmas phone offers 2014 look very tempting this year! All operators battled to acquire new customers with subscriptions, rechargeable and particularly affordable options. Let's see below which are the best offers of this Christmas 2014.

Until January 11, many offers are available at a discounted price Tim. Super Giga is the rate for surfing that allows you to have 2 GB per month (even at LTE speeds in the areas reached by TIM's 4G) by paying only 5 euros per month for three months, with free activation. For those who do not have the key, the Tim Natale 2014 offer also includes the purchase of the Internet Key Tim LTE at € 49.90 instead of € 104.90 with 2 GB per month for 3 months; at the end of the period, you can choose to continue paying 10 euros per month or deactivate it via SMS without costs or penalties. Then there is the Tim Special Start rate: with 19 euros per month, 600 minutes, 600 text messages to everyone and 1 GB of Internet (plus unlimited calls to Tim from a Telecom Italia landline number). By activating it online, you do not pay for activation, the first month is free and there are 10 euros of free top-up for 6 months on every 20-euro top-up made, for a maximum of 5 top-ups per month. The other offers, visible on ours comparator, concern Tim Special Limited Edition and Tim Special Large.

The Christmas phone offers 2014 of Vodafone instead they start with Giga Internet, the key that costs € 19.90 per month for the first three months, then € 10 per month, which guarantees for those who have a tablet or key 3 GB of fast 4G Internet and the free options Choose Entertainment for 6 months to connect to Spotify Premium, Infinity and Vodafone Calcio, at your choice. The Choose You option also continues throughout Christmas, which, starting from a fixed base, allows you to build your own pricing plan. And those who have a Vodafone card and less than 30 years old can double their Internet traffic by adding 2 euros to the basic cost. In addition, there is Minuti Relax, a promotion that will allow you to have free calls to everyone for 2 consecutive days, as well as Give 1 GB that allows you to give 1 GB of navigation to three friends.

Also up to 11 January many offers have been extended Wind, like the All Inclusive Young Edition, designed for those under 30 (200 minutes to everyone, unlimited messages to everyone, 2 GB of Internet traffic for 10 euros per month). They remain available for the holidays too All Digital, All Digital +, All Inclusive, All Inclusive + and All Inclusive Music.

Then there are the Christmas phone offers 2014 of 3 Italy: the great protagonist for the Christmas period is the iPhone 6, available with the TOP Unlimited Plus Subscription without paying a single euro in advance even in the 64 GB version, with unlimited minutes and SMS and 4G-LTE Internet included in the monthly fee of 40 euros. All without forgetting the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, also offered at zero euros with the TOP Unlimited and TOP Unlimited Plus subscriptions, in addition to the Scel30 rechargeable battery (like iPhone). Finally, don't forget, even at Christmas, the CREAMI di Postemobile like CREAMI 1000, which allow you to divide your “credits” into minutes, sms and gigabytes of traffic in total freedom.

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