How to choose the power of the air conditioner

How to choose the power of the air conditioner

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If we are trying to understandhow to choose the air conditioner for the home, the first step is to analyze how muchpowerwe need to cool or heat the premises.

When we prepare tochoose the air conditioner for homethere are various parameters to be analyzed:

  • Presence of filters to purify the air
    - anti-odor filters, pollen filters and antibacterial filters. These filters can be associated with the "Purification" function which allows you to remove almost all of the polluting particles, viruses and bacteria from the air of the house, returning pure air to the home. Very useful function in case of pets.
  • Degree of silence
    THE air conditionerthe quietest are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Energy rating
    THEair conditionersmore efficient (with energy class A ++ or A +++), they are more expensive at the time of purchase but allow significant savings on the bill.
  • Dehumidification function
    The function Dehumidification allows you to reduce humidity from the air while maintaining constant temperatures.
  • The presence of the inverter
    The inverter technology allows you to continuously and autonomously adjust the power and speed of operation. This technology allows you to manage the home temperature in the same way as seen with thermostats and chronothermostats.
  • Air conditioners, heat pumps
    It is aboutair conditionersperfect for cooling in the summer but also for heating the house in the winter. An air conditionerheat pumpit is very useful for those who do not have an independent heating system
  • The presence of WiFi
    Thanks to the integrated wi-fi device, the air conditioning it can be managed and adjusted via smartphone, computer and tablet.
  • Therepower of the air conditioner
    Forchoose the power of the air conditioneryou just need to analyze the size of the premises fromair-conditioning.

How to choose the power of your home air conditioner

When purchasing aair conditioning, forto chooseat best the one that best suits your needs, it is good to analyze, one by one, all the characteristics of the device in question. In the list we have seen features with a subjective utility (in short! Not everyone wants to manage the air conditioner via their smartphone and not everyone wants odor filters), while the estimate of thepoweris the only objective fact that can help us inchoice of air conditioner.

Luckily,choose the power of the home air conditionerit is an all too simple task. It is possible to use a mathematical calculation to understand, in terms ofBTU, how powerful must theair conditioner to be installed in the house

How many BTUs for the air conditioner?
Forchoose the air conditionerit is good to do an analysis of thepowernecessary to heat the premises. To do this, it is essential to know how large the rooms to be air-conditioned are. A first step forcalculate the BTUsnecessary to air-condition an environment is a very simple mathematical operation. Just do:

340 BTU / h x sqm

For example, for a 12 sq m room, you will need aair conditioningthat ispowerfulat least 4,080 BTU / h.

A more precise calculation, however, should take into account other important factors such as the solar exposure of the room to be heated / cooled, the number of people staying there, the height of the ceiling, the type of insulation, type of fixtures and the number of windows.

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