Pizza with sourdough, instructions

Pizza with sourdough, instructions

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Pizza With Mother Yeast: all the instructions to prepare a tasty Pizza home made with mother yeast.

Everyone knows, to prepare an excellent homemade pizza you have to start with the dough. It is precisely the pizza dough, together with the fresh toppings, that makes the difference between any pizza and one Quality pizza! So, for the choice of ingredients, we would do well to rely on tradition:mother yeast, extra virgin olive oil, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil possibly from our garden.

How to prepare pizza with mother yeast

The photo below may seem like one of the ingredients of the pizza mentioned above ... It looks like mozzarella rennet but in reality it issourdough. It will be the first ingredient that you will have to prepare to get the covetedPizza With Mother Yeast. Do the Pizza With Mother Yeastit requires time, patience and culinary passion.
First, try your hand at preparing the sourdough just as explained on our page dedicated to "Mother yeast "; thenatural yeast,it will take a few weeks to stabilize and find a balance.

The dough ofPizza With Mother Yeastit can be prepared in different proportions. To start we advise you to respect a 1: 5 ratio, that is: for every 100 grams ofmother yeast500 grams of traditional dough given by water and flour must be added. Let's see in detail the ingredients needed to prepare thePizza With Mother Yeastin quantities sufficient to satisfy the palate of 6 people:

  • 150 grams ofsourdough
  • 500 grams of flour 0, possiblyBio
  • 180 ml of water
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 15 ml of extra virgin olive oil

How to make pizza with sourdough

The dough: mother yeast + flour
1) In a bowl, melt themother yeastadding lukewarm water. The amount of water indicated in the ingredients is onlyindicative, then add the water gradually and stop when the sourdough will have dissolved.

The addition of the ingredients
2) Add the sifted flour, extra virgin olive oil and finally the salt.

Rising times
3) The dough obtained must rise: cover it with a cloth and place it in a warm place such as next to the fireplace (or radiator!) Or near the hob. The leavening of thepizza with natural yeastit is much slower than what happens for the dough with brewer's yeast, this also affects the final flavor. The dough ofPizza With Mother Yeastit will double in volume within 4-5 hours (it also depends on the temperature).

Let the dough rest
4) With the leavened dough, form six uniform spheres of the same size. Set sixloaveson a baking sheet, cover and let them rest for another 4 hours.

5) The wait is finally over! Roll out the pizzas and stuff them with the ingredients you prefer. Cook in the oven.

How to make sourdough at home

If you want more information on the world ofnatural yeastand on how to prepare sourdough at home, I recommend reading the book“Sourdough. Tips and tricks for everyone to get to know it and use it to the fullest ".It is suitable both for those who already know how to make natural yeast at home, and for those who are just starting out.

It contains a lot of information on the flours to use and even one recipe to prepare some gluten-free yeast. The book costs € 11.18 and can be purchased onAmazon with free shipping for those who decide to buy two books of their choice sourdough provides 10 recipes on how to use the mother yeastand advice on the flours to use; for those who want to make sourdough at home or those who intend to prepare pizzas with particularly genuine and tasty flours, you can find information in my guide articleHow to make flour at home.

How to make Margherita pizza with mother yeast

If your goal is to prepare Margherita pizza with sourdough, follow the instructions described above and for the topping rely on the guideHow to make Margherita pizza.

How to make gourmet pizza, tips and recipes

Agourmet pizzait is nothing more than a haute cuisine dish, made with high quality ingredients. Ingourmet cuisineit is the combinations of ingredients that make the difference, but the quality of each product used is even more so.

Even the simplestPizza margheritacould begourmetif you replace the classic tomatoes with godsPiennolo tomatoes from Vesuviuswell matched with oneDOP buffalo mozzarella from Campaniaand fragrant and fresh basil.

For agourmet pizzamore original, you can try these combinations:

  • smoked salmon, burrata and chicory
  • taleggio, porcini mushrooms, parsley and mozzarella
  • artichokes and buffalo mozzarella
  • fior di latte, dried tomatoes, black olives and anchovies

Remember to always use proven quality ingredients. Inhomemade gourmet pizza, the quality of the ingredients is everything!

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