Anti-mold, from do-it-yourself to ad hoc products

Anti-mold, from do-it-yourself to ad hoc products

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Themoldsthey are multicellular organisms capable of covering some surfaces in the form ofspongy myceliawhich usually reproduce by means of spores. The spores ofmoldthat form inside buildings can create many problems, especially in allergy sufferers, children, the elderly and those with immune deficiencies. In this context, theanti-mold, whether natural or artificial, they can be an excellent ally.

Theremold in the house,especially on walls and walls, it may indicate a defect of structural or accidental origin. Themoldsin fact, they are formed due to poor sun exposure (not everyone knows this, but the sun is excellentnatural anti-moldas exposure to sunlight can eliminate all traces ofmold), due to excessive humidity, water infiltration or condensation onwallscold. Even insufficient ventilation (when the rooms remain closed for too long) or poor maintenance of the furniture can cause the onset ofmolds. Other insights are contained in our article:how to fight mold in the home

Anti-mold for wardrobes and fabrics
It seems far-fetched but somemoldsthey can feed on wood so the problem ofmold in the cupboardsit is quite common. The first thing to do is to move the wardrobe away from the wall and notice if there are mold deposits in the corners behind the furniture. If you are looking foranti-moldor solutions foreliminate mold from furniture, cabinets or fabricswe refer you to our insights:

  • Mold on clothes
  • Mold in the house, how to prevent it
    Read the instructions provided in the paragraph "Mold in the cupboards, remedies

Anti-mold for the bathroom
To eliminate mold, it is not necessary to resort to the classic detergents that we find on the market, there are natural remedies that are equally effective and above all not harmful to the environment. In this context, we advise you to read more in the article dedicated to the bathroom:

  • Mold in the bathroom
    Instructions for removing mold from the bathroom and preventing it.

Natural anti-mold

As stated, there are a large number of natural anti-molds. In the article "Mold, Natural Remedies"We have analyzed the most effective remedies and methods of use ofnatural anti-moldlike:

  • Vinegar
  • Citrus seed extract
  • Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Other blends ofnatural anti-mold:
    - Vinegar and bicarbonate
    -Talcum powder
    - Lemon juice and sodium chloride

Mold on the walls

If you have any problems with mold on the walls, we invite you to read allnatural remediesand productsanti-moldrecommended for eliminate mold from the wallspresent in our special study dedicated toMold on the walls.

Anti-mold products

Beyond the treatments natural anti-mold described in the various articles mentioned, we offer you products for get rid of mold from the walls; in case of mold stains on clothes we advise you to follow the natural remedies proposed in the paragraph dedicated to "natural anti-mold"And in the paragraph dedicated tomold in the cupboards.

Mold on the walls, mild intervention
If you are not a fan of natural remedies, you can choose one anti-moldspecific as theMaurer Plus; the cost amounts to 8.90 euros and you buy a liter of product. This product is specific for the treatment ofmold on the walls,it is based on active chlorine and is able to whiten the wall by removing themoldswith their spores and also the mosses from the walls of the house.

Mold on the walls, intensive treatment
If the problem of mold on the walls has been going on for years, you must:
- remove mold with natural or specific anti-mold remedies
- sanding
-pass an insulating product such asMapelastic (it is true, it is an expensive product but it guarantees excellent insulation from moisture, so much so that it is also used to insulate walls in contact with swimming pools, wells, tubs ...)
-paint the wall with an anti-condensation paint such asGenial Solver anti-mold thermal paint.

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