How to collect the frying oil

How to collect the frying oil

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How to collect the frying oil:all instructions for the collection and proper disposal of frying oil.

We Italians, to season, preserve or fry, consume 1,400,000 tons of vegetable oil. It has been calculated that of these, through the sewers, as many as 200,000 tons of vegetable oil exhausted. To solve this problem it is necessary to carry out a dense information campaign on damage from the dispersion of used oil in the environment and, at the same time, explain to peoplehow to collect the frying oilso you candispose ofto the best.

How to dispose of cooking oil
The bad habit to be eliminated in the homes of us Italians consists precisely in throwing cooking oil into the toilet drain or into the sink pipes. L'fried oil, discharged into drains, can damage the soil, cause contamination of nearby aquifers and pollute seas or rivers.

Try to understand wellhow to dispose of the frying oiland don't forget to spread the word: the well-being of the planet is everyone's responsibility!

How to collect the frying oil

First of all, get yourself a special oil collection container: your municipality should provide you with one, if it doesn't, you can buy it or more responsiblyyou can get it by recycling a bottle of detergent. Remember to rinse the bottle in question before starting thecollection of used vegetable oil.

Once you've got the bottle, that's it! Collect the frying oil it will be very simple:

  • Wait for theoilcool down.
  • Pour thefried oilin the bottle.
  • When the bottle is completely filled, deliver it to the nearest ecological island.
    -Exhausted oil can also be given to the municipality: many Italian administrations have active the collection of used vegetable oils.
    - Again, alternatively, talk to a restaurateur: some restaurateurs will be willing to give your vial along with the most dipping quantities of used oil produced in their kitchens.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that it will be you, in first person, who have to deliver the bottle of used oil. If you take a fairly large bottle (such as the 5-liter one), the operation ofdisposalit must only be performed a few times a year.

To know in detail the authorized centers for separate collection and disposal of used oilyou can consult the Consorzio Conoe, National Compulsory Consortium for the collection and treatment of used vegetable and animal oils and fats.

With thecollectionand the provision ofexhausted oilyou will not only be doing a service to the environment but also to society. Perhaps you have never thought about it, but waste moves entire businesses and promotes the formation of jobs: in fact, through the recycling of frying oil, various products are obtained, such as lubricants for agricultural machinery, biodiesel and glycerin for saponification.

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