How to cook chestnuts

How to cook chestnuts

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How to cook chestnuts: instructions for thecooking chestnutsand to obtain excellent homemade roasted chestnuts. From the stove to the oven, from the fireplace to the bbq.

How to peel cooked chestnuts

If you are wonderinghow to peel chestnuts, know that in the peasant tradition, to make it easierpeelingof thechestnuts, these are wrapped in a cloth (kitchen cloth) wet and left to wet for several hours before cooking. After thisflash tip, let's go and seehow to cook chestnuts.

Cooking chestnuts it is not at all difficult, traditionally thechestnutsthey are prepared boiled, grilled (the classicsroasted chestnuts), baked or steamed. In recent times, to speed up the operation of peel the chestnuts (perhaps to be used for jams and desserts) these can be cooked in the microwave. Microwave-cooked chestnuts are not very tasty to serve but can be used for other preparations. Let's see in detail all the method ofcooking chestnuts.

Before cooking chestnuts

Whatever the method of cookingchosen, thechestnutsthey must be firstcastrate. By "castrating chestnuts" we mean making an incision on the rounded part of the peel.

The cut should be about 2 cm long (in proportion to the size of thechestnut) and must follow a horizontal line along the chestnut. The incision must be made with a pointed knife, trying not to damage the pulp of thechestnut. This is essential forto cookthe bestchestnuts.

How to make roasted chestnuts

Preparing roasted chestnuts requires patience. Those who have a chimney or have abrazier(or a large ember) because the preparation ofroasted chestnutsis performed using a special perforated pan that allows the chestnuts shell to come into direct contact with the flame (in the case of a stove) and with thelive embersin case ofchimney.

How to make roasted chestnuts on the stove, in the fireplace or on the bbq

Formake roasted chestnuts at homeit will be necessary to take the classic pan with holes to put on a lively fire. Chestnuts will need to be stirred often to prevent them from burning. It will take at least 30 minutes to complete cooking on the classic stove (depending on how big the stove is).

As stated, thecookingof thechestnuts in the fireplaceit is very facilitated. As an alternative to the classic fireplace, you can also use a brazier and place the chestnuts almost a few centimeters from the embers.

For cooking chestnuts we recommend the use of ad hoc pans. The pans for thecooking roasted chestnutsthey have a series of holes that allow good ventilation and heat distribution over the whole chestnut. By typing "roasted chestnuts" on Amazon e-commerce, you will notice a large number of specific products for cook chestnuts. However, having the right pan is not enough.

The chestnuts must be cut and turned constantly. The cooking, to be uniform, must be done carefully: the chestnuts must be turned very often! This need was followed by some pots (especially forcook chestnuts in the fireplace) with handle created to constantly turn chestnuts.

The distance between embers and chestnuts must also be chosen carefully. If the intensity of the embers is high, the distance will have to increase or, if you cannot increase the distance (difficult to do with the bbq!) You will have to turn the chestnuts more often.

To get an idea of ​​the pans available on the market, visit the "Roasted chestnuts on Amazon" page. You will notice pans for every need that allow you to cook chestnuts:

  • in the barbecue
  • in the fireplace
  • on the stove at home

For cooking in the oven, however, the classic dripping pan will suffice but here too the results will be different.

Homemade roasted chestnuts

Who does not have a fireplace or a bbq and does not want to give up that typical flavor ofroasted chestnuts, know that there are ad hoc products with electrical resistance. The roasted chestnuts you buy on the street, in fact, in many cases are prepared using small electric generators.

Among the variousgrillpresent on the market, we recommend one with an excellent quality / price ratio. It is astove for roasting chestnutsable to prepareroasted chestnutsin a short time and without having to dirty too many tools. The product shown in the photo above is made by Trisa, it can be bought on Amazon at a price of 69.78 euros and free shipping. It can also be used for grilling meats and vegetables, it has the tools to make crepes or it can be placed on the table to keep food warm. We have recommended this product because we have had the opportunity to try it -With satisfaction- in first person but you can feel free to make the choice you want. As stated, on Amazon, there are many accessories forcook and grill chestnuts!

For all information on the product mentioned:Trisa stove for roasted chestnuts.

How to make baked chestnuts

For cooking chestnuts in the oven it will be necessary to shake the pan often in order to allow a homogeneous cooking. The cooking time varies from 15 minutes for chestnuts small, to 25 minutes for large-sized chestnuts.

How to boil chestnuts

Prepare theboiled chestnutsit's just as simple. After rinsing and cleaning thechestnuts, place them in a fairly large pot and cover with water until they exceed the level reached by the chestnuts themselves. Place the pot on the stove and cook until cooked: check the cooking by sticking a fork.

It may take more than half an hour to finish cooking. Also in this case, cooking times depend on the size of the chestnuts. In the photo below,boiled chestnutsand shelled.

How to cook easy-to-peel chestnuts

If you wantpeel the chestnutsmore quickly, you can follow our suggestion at the beginning or continue like this:

- make a cut on each chestnut
- put the chestnuts in a saucepan full of water and cook until the water begins to boil
- drain the chestnuts well and dry them coarsely
-transfer the chestnuts to a baking tray
- preheat the oven to 200 ° C and put the chestnuts in the oven
- remove the chestnuts after 15 minutes or when you notice that the shell is expanding

With thiscooking, it will be sufficient to pull the shell sideways to see the whole slide out chestnut.

The chestnuts peeled in this way, they are perfect for the preparation of desserts, jams or pasta dishes, take a look at the recipe forRavioli with chestnut cream.

How to store cooked chestnuts

Once roasted and shelled, the chestnutsthey can also be frozen for six months. For all other methods ofconservation of fresh chestnutswe refer you to the articleHow to store chestnuts.

Chestnuts, property

Thechestnutsthey have unexpected properties and are presented as an excellent snack, even for sportsmen (read more onChestnuts Property).

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