How to grow broccoli

How to grow broccoli

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Grow broccoli, a typical winter vegetable, is an operation that does not require special cultivation knowledge; in fact, a few simple rules are enough, and therefore it can be carried out even by a person with little experience. The best time to grow this vegetable is in spring, until the beginning of summer. Of broccoli you can eat both the leaf, which is the softest part, and the stem and head. They can be stored frozen raw or cooked with water and vinegar and preserved in oil. Let's see about it how to grow broccoli following some useful indications.

How to grow broccoli, soil preparation

  • At least 4 months before planting the seedlings, start preparing the soil properly, digging to a depth of at least half a meter, so that the fertilizer can penetrate well into the earth
  • Fertilize the furrows with mature manure then cover them with soil: the furrows must all be parallel and spaced apart so that the seedlings have the necessary space to develop

How to grow broccoli, transplant and harvest

  • At the time of transplanting, make sure that the seedlings have at least a distance of 30 centimeters in order to grow adequately
  • Make holes with a pointed element to proceed with the planting of the seedlings
  • Once the seedlings have been transplanted, recompose the soil by compacting it around the hole.
  • When the broccoli starts producing the seedlings will need to be watered every day so that their productivity increases.

The harvest involves a waiting time between two and four months: when it is done you will have to start with the largest broccoli, making a clean and oblique cut in order to prevent water stagnation,
After the first harvest, the fruits will be produced naturally, without the need for further interventions.

How to grow broccoli, inwatering
In summer, watering is a fundamental step, therefore pay close attention: it must be done in the coolest hours of the day, and above all it must not require excessive use of water. The risk, in fact, is that the plant remains humid for too long, with a stagnation of water that could lead it to rot or encourage the onset of diseases or infections. In this regard, the choice of soil is also fundamental: it must in fact guarantee excellent drainage of liquids.