How to mount a chronothermostat

How to mount a chronothermostat

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Fit a chronothermostatit's simple: in addition to the built-in models, there arechronothermostatswhich can be installed on the wall by simply fixing the back with a couple of small plugs, a bit like a painting! Themounting the chronothermostatit does not require special equipment or skills.

What good is a chronothermostat?

Thechronothermostatallows us to manage the domestic temperature even more efficiently: it controls the switching on and off of the boiler not only based on the detection of a pre-established temperature but also at different times of the day, on different days of the week and based on intervals set as desired.

Check the home temperature with your mobile phone
With a GSM activator they will be able to interact with the system via SMS so as to change the settings: activate the heating remotely, decrease the temperature based on the weather conditions ...

Thanks to home automation, thechronothermostatit can manage the temperature of each room in the house (up to 99 rooms) in order to maintain different conditions over the course of the day.

How to mount a chronothermostat

In the wall-mounted models, the connection of the wires is identical to that present with i chronothermostats recessed; formount a chronothermostaton the wall, the main unit (battery powered) is fixed to the bezel with an interlocking system. The mask is fixed to the wall (by means of four or two screws) which incorporates the connections to the electronic board.

  1. Deactivate the electrical system. If the thermostat to be replaced with chronothermostat is of the recessed type, insert the blades of the screwdriver into the side slots of the finishing plate and lift it.
  2. The old thermostat will need to be removed by loosening the screws that secure it to the recessed box. On the back of the old thermostat to be replaced with the chronothermostato there are two wires that connect it to the boiler and possibly two others that connect it to the electricity network. In most models, the wires connected to the boiler are white and those for the current colored.
  3. Disconnect the wires (mark them in order to recognize them) remove the old thermostat by snapping the plastic tabs that lock it to the mask, in its place insert the fixed part of thechronothermostatby snapping the wings again.
  4. Restore the connections on the back of the back. Usually the chronothermostats are battery powered so the electric cables can be shortened and insulated with external insulation terminals (or insulating tape).
  5. Put back the finishing plate and insert the chronothermostat. The chronothermostat can be programmed from any position, using the mobile part (the one in which the batteries are inserted), as long as you have preliminarily connected the boiler cables as described in point 4.

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