My Passport hard disk: our review

My Passport hard disk: our review

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My Passport Pro, WD’s Thunderbolt dual drive portable hard drive

I've been trying the My Passport Pro, the first dual drive hard disk with Thunderbolt connectivity, and I can confirm what I was told and that is that this is the right solution for those who have (or aim to have) excellent portable storage performance. For example for images, graphics, music files or large project files.

I anticipate you immediately for the avoidance of doubt that the My Passport Pro costs more than triple compared to the My Passport Ultra, but I believe it is the correct price of a device for professionals and enthusiasts, even in the case of the 2 TB version that I am using (there is also the 4 TB version), as well as the only Thunderbolt dual drive solution of its kind.

Speaking of price, I see that currently the 4 TB version is offered for 371 euros on Amazon and the 2 TB version for 310 euros. Just four months ago, when Western Digital's WD launched it on the market, the recommended prices of the My Passport Pro they were 529 euros for the 4 TB version and 379 for the 2 TB version respectively.

Needless to say, the My Passport Pro is designed for Mac systems and this makes it even more professional. Other features are the provision of RAID functionality selectable from time to time and that no need for separate power adapters or extra cables.

Above all, the data transfer is quick and definitely this is the thing you need most when working out. At least as much as robustness: from this point of view the patinated aluminum shell of My Passport Pro it's a good guarantee because it allows the two 2.5-inch internal hard drives to withstand shocks well.

The integrated Thunderbolt technology cable (superior to both FireWire 800 and USB 3.0), which is a unique feature of WD, pushes the My Passport Pro the speed of 230 MB / s and at the same time you have excellent editing and backup performance.

With RAID which, as mentioned, is selectable, you can choose between data striping mode (RAID 0) for the highest performance or mirroring mode (RAID 1) for data redundancy. I have personally found that the My Passport Pro I can copy a 22GB high definition video file in half the time it takes from a USB 3.0 drive running in RAID 0 format.

That said, you can buy the Thunderbolt dual drive portable hard drive online here WD My Passport Pro 4TB

here instead you will find the Thunderbolt dual drive WD My Passport Pro 2 TB

For more limited needs, let's say less 'professional' but excellent for a consumer user there is the My Passport Ultra

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