How to clean solar panels

How to clean solar panels

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How to clean solar panels: almost allphotovoltaic panelsthey have a glass surface which, just like windows, gets dirty and in need ofcleaning. It has been estimated that the failurecleaning of solar panelsit could cause an efficiency loss of up to 30%.

Why clean solar panels?

The washing of solar panelsit is part of the ordinary maintenance works. Of course, rain helps a lot to remove debris, fumes, dust and pollen, but when it comes to encrustations from bird droppings, plant resins or foliage residues, rain alone is not enough.

In the article onCleaning of photovoltaic panelswe have seen which are the main sources of dirt that undermine the efficiency of our system and how the position of this can be decisive in establishing the frequency of washing. In this post we continue to talk about thewashing of photovoltaic panelsstill giving you useful advice.

How to clean solar panels

There is no lack of automatic systems for thecleaning of solar systems (Robot for cleaning solar panels) but only a small part of users evaluate the purchase. Especially when it comes to photovoltaic systems domestic, users want to independently carry out the cleaning work. For this purpose, kits are available for washing solar panels at the most varied prices.

Clean the solar panelswith DIY it is not always a recommended work: the position of the solar panels makes the work risky, especially when the photovoltaic roof is very sloping. Users who just don't want to hire a cleaning company should at least have adequate equipment and follow two simple rules:

A) For clean the solar panelswe must not use common detergents as they leave residues or worse, halos.
B) Forclean the solar panelsthe use of tap water is not recommended, this is piertoughand can be the cause of limescale deposits or "water stains" which in the long run can damage thephotovoltaic modulepermanently.

Who wants to provide for themselves aclean the solar panelswill have to get oneprofessional brush (with soft bristles) which incorporates a tube for the passage of water and is equipped with a telescopic and foldable handle. The handle must "stretch”Until it reaches the photovoltaic roof and must tilt until it reaches the perfect slope angle of the same system. The water that feeds this brush must pass through a particular filter or in any case be pure, deionized and therefore pH neutral water.

Who does not wantwash the solar panelscan contact the manufacturer and inquire if these panels are compatible with particular “coatings”. There are coatings on the market that protect thesolar panelsand prevent the deposit of dirt.

Brushes for cleaning photovoltaics
We recommend a good brush for cleaning photovoltaic systems that you can easily buy online: Kit Solar-Wash Brush for cleaning the photovoltaic

The brush can be associated with a universal detergent not excessively aggressive, we recommend using the detergent only in the case of stubborn stains. Among the various products we indicate a generic professional universal cleaner. The recommended cleaner is very versatile and is suitable for photovoltaic surfaces. The instructions on the 5-liter tank prescribe the use of a detergent for every 1.5 liters of water. You can further dilute the product to cleanse in a more delicate way. As stated, we recommend using the detergent only in the case of stubborn dirt.

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