Grow the yellow tomato

Grow the yellow tomato

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Yellow tomato: among the growing tomato plantsindeterminatewe point out the varietyGold Star, it is acherry tomatoslightly oval-shaped and coloredGolden yellow. Theyellow tomatoGold Star is a cherry variety, so it will be especially popular with those on the hunt for small tomato varieties.

It is really true, ditomatoes there is something for everyone! Theyellow tomatoit has nothing to do with thegenetic manipulationor withGMO, there are different varieties and the one we are going to describe in this article is among the smallest, the hybrid variety of Gold Star cherry.

Theyellow tomatocherry grows tall, lends itself well to amateur growing and will need a brace.


Grow the yellow tomato
Theyellow tomatoit has the same needs as cherry or datterino tomatoes. So we see that:

  • To start cultivation, temperatures must never drop below 12 ° C. The ideal temperature for vegetation is 21-23 ° C.
  • Theyellow tomatoit adapts to any type of soil with neutral pH, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline (practically like most Italian soils!).
  • For grow the yellow tomatoin open field: the soil must be prepared with a digging of about 25-30 cm in the autumn-winter before cultivation. During digging it will be advisable to carry out basic fertilization by burying 4-6 kg of manure or 3-5 kg ​​of well-ripened compost for each square meter of land.
  • Before planting, the soil must be fed with a mineral fertilizer.

Grow the yellow tomatostarting from the seedlings - The planting

  • The planting of the seedlings ofyellow tomato,in the Po Valley, it is performed at the end of April or in the first ten days of May. In the southern regions it can be anticipated by more than a month!

Grow the yellow tomatostarting from seeds - Sowing

  • Theyellow tomatoit is sown to produce seedlings with bread of earth then destined for transplanting (planting). The best time to sow the yellow tomato is early April. When to sow the yellow tomato? By the first half of April, preferably placing the seeds in cellular containers between a double window that can act as a greenhouse.

Grow the yellow tomato, advice
1) Irrigation must be guaranteed throughout the cultivation period, preferably with the special perforated hoses to be placed under the mulch, or, in the case of balcony cultivation, better cultivated with the drip irrigation system.

2) Avoid sprinkler irrigation which could trigger fungal diseases.

3) If you do not use mulch, you will have to manually remove the weeds.

4) If after the first 2-3 weeks of planting, the plants struggle to vegetate, give on average only once 15 grams of calcium nitrate-15 per square meter.


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