Dust mites, natural remedies

Dust mites, natural remedies

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Among the most common allergies, we find that to dust mites, microorganisms not visible to the naked eye, which lurk in mattresses, pillows and carpets, creating many problems. In this regard we will show you how to fight the dust mites, following some prevention rules.

Dust mites, prevention
To prevent mites from proliferating, the temperature of the house should be between 19 and 22 degrees, with a humidity level not exceeding 50% and cleaning the house regularly:

  • Dust the surfaces and the floor with a damp cloth: the vacuum cleaner only removes dead mites and their droppings, while the live ones do not detach from the fabrics even with prolonged suction
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with specific filters
  • Ventilate the environment every morning, especially when the outside temperature drops, because the ideal environment for mites is the warm and humid one: more humid means more mites!
  • Eliminate heavy curtains and replace them with washable curtains
  • Eliminate puppets, rugs and carpets: ideal habitat for the proliferation of mites
  • Beat pillows and mattress often: better if they are foam rubber
  • Every two weeks put pillows and mattresses in the sun and in the air
  • Change the sheets every week and wash them in the washing machine at 60 degrees

Dust mites, natural anti-mite
Among the most effective natural solutions that allow us to eliminate mites is neem oil, a one hundred percent natural oil that does not pollute the environment. It is particularly suitable for removing parasites, mosquitoes, insects of various types and even mites. For preparation, simply mix 15 drops of neem oil in a liter of water and then spray this mixture directly on the mattress, sofa, cushions and other surfaces of the house with a dispenser.

Dust mites, useful information

  • Do a more thorough cleaning of sofa and armchair cushions: they are ideal hiding places for mites as we rest our body on them for hours.
  • Avoid sofas with fabric upholstery, in favor of those in leather or imitation leather
  • Replace the carpet with floors that can be washed with water, such as parquet, ceramic or marble.
  • Use mattresses with anti-mite coating: they prevent a rapid infestation of mites, while it is. Remember that anti-allergic mattresses are not effective against mite allergy, therefore protect them with the appropriate cover.
  • Prefer blankets with synthetic materials, not wool.

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