Do-it-yourself natural herbicide for lawn care

Do-it-yourself natural herbicide for lawn care

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In the summer, the lawn begins to flourish again; this involves constant maintenance including the elimination of weeds, which sprout with impunity here and there, ruining our green carpet.

It must also be said that these unwanted presences can be of various types and are generally divided into broad-leaved and narrow-leaved weeds. The most insidious species are those of small dimensions such as clover, daisy or veronica. To run for cover, we can resort to manual or natural weeding. In this regard we will show you how to make a natural herbicide do it yourself.

How to make a natural herbicide

In case of weeds attack in a limited way you can operate with a targeted reservoir, to be carried out by cutting the plants at the base with a suitable tool. If the roots are deep, however, the weeds will tend to thrive again, in this case it is advisable to proceed with the application of a natural do-it-yourself herbicide.

For the application of the herbicide you can use a backpack pump with fan nozzles for faster and more uniform diffusion: the effect of the product will be visible in the following days, when you will notice that the weeds gradually dry up and die. They can then be removed with the help of a rake.

Do-it-yourself natural herbicide, ingredients

The ingredients we need to make the natural herbicide are:

  • 5 liters of water
  • About 1 kg of salt
  • 1 liter and a half of vinegar

Do-it-yourself natural herbicide, Preparation

  1. Dissolve the salt in 5 liters of hot water, stirring well until dissolved
  2. Then add the vinegar and mix everything together

Here is your DIY natural herbicide

It is an effective, economical and environmentally friendly completely natural product.

Useful information: it is preferable not to use the product if rain is forecast for the next two days, as it would not let the treatment act. For the same reason, it is good to avoid watering the lawn for a couple of days.

If the weeds do not grow in a limited way, to eliminate them it will be necessary to use targeted herbicides. For all information, see the page: weeds in the lawn.

Selective herbicide for weeds in the lawn

If in the previous DIY we explained how to prepare a broad-spectrum herbicide (therefore to be used on the edges of the lawn, among the pebbles, the paths or in any case where the infested herbs grow in a limited way ...), in this paragraph we will talk about weeding selective.

Unfortunately, with DIY it is not possible to prepare a herbicide that selectively kills the weeds in the lawn. In this context, lovers of healthy environments and spaces could proceed with a manual weeding, mechanically eliminating the weeds.

On the market there are selective herbicides, the most popular (for its very long life) is undoubtedly Roundup which is also suitable for professional use. On Amazon this product is priced at € 12.40 with free shipping. We recommend that you do not exceed the recommended doses on the label. For all information, the amazon page dedicated to the product is available.

Natural herbicide: weeding techniques

As an alternative to the natural chemical herbicide, it is possible to use other techniques such as solarization, paccimatura or fire weeding. In particular, the latter technique is not as expensive as many are led to believe.

Fire weeding is a very effective and long-lasting way to eliminate weeds, it consists in causing a thermal shock to the soil that prevents the growth of weeds and prepares the soil for any cultivation. The fire weeding is also very useful for eliminating weeds that grow along the borders of flower beds, or along the paths. I have personally used this technique to eliminate the weeds that grow between the joints of the pavement in my garden.

As stated, the fire weeding it is a relatively inexpensive technique (the purchase of a good flame gun covers 40-150 euros). Among the products on the market with a good quality / price ratio we point out the Garden Torch - Thermal herbicide, very practical to use and versatile. The price is 86.43 euros with free shipping. One more suitable for small spaces (for example, for the weeding of the borders of small flower beds or for the weeding of weeds along a path) is the Campingaz proposed for about 38.40 euros.

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