Expo Milano according to the FAI

Expo Milano according to the FAI

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View of the South Milan Agricultural Park in the Po Valley

FAI supports Expo Milan with a really nice idea that links the theme of the universal exhibition - 'Feeding the planet, energy for life' - to the seventh edition of the Census Places of the Heart, organized in collaboration with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo.

The idea. Finding a space for food production sites, a key theme of Expo Milan, among the Places of the heart surveyed by the Italian Environment Fund. So here is the invitation to report monuments but also pastures, historic buildings but also mountain pastures, churches but also mills. The landscapes sculpted by man over the centuries for the production of food are a collective heritage, for many of us they are places of the heart.

The special ranking. Thinking about Expo Milan, and on the topic of food-nutrition, in the ranking of Places of the heart that will be drawn up at the end of the census, a special ranking dedicated to 'places of food production and processing' has been provided. Which precisely means pastures, vineyards, olive groves, mills, dairies and huts. There are many, they are often enchanting places.

For the special section of the census dedicated to Expo Milan a winning place will be chosen which, regardless of the position in the general ranking of the most voted places, will be the subject of an intervention supported by Intesa Sanpaolo. On the basis of a project to be presented to the FAI.

The census The places of the heart promoted by the FAI took place for the first time in 2003. During the previous six editions (this one in 2014 is the seventh) it collected 1 million and 800 thousand reports from citizens relating to over 31 thousand places in 5,964 Municipalities Italians. This was followed by 45 restoration interventions financed by Intesa Sanpaolo which have restored many places to their original beauty.

The Census The Places of the Heart counts on the high patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, on the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. The collaboration with Expo Milan - it was said during the presentation in Milan - stems from the desire to 'cheer on Italy' on the occasion of the 2015 Universal Exhibition, also in light of the importance that this event has for Italy.

How do you participate in the census? On the site of the Places of the heart, equipped with a new graphic design on the occasion of the census, every citizen can vote for their own Place of the heart. An area dedicated to committees has been planned where several citizens together, with the strength of the group, can cheer on the place they love. There is also the 'Places of the heart' app for Android and IOS. Or you can fill in the postcard distributed in the FAI assets and delegations or in the Intesa Sanpaolo branches.

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