TV with Flexible screens, soon on the market

TV with Flexible screens, soon on the market

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We had already seen it at theVancouver Display Week 2013, let's talk about the LG flexible screen destined to become a TV; the time has come and the first ones are appearing on the market curved televisions.

LG Electronics, on the occasion of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas, presented to the public the first Flexible OLED TV of the world, immediately followed by a similar one signedSamsung.

On the market we had already seen tv or curved screens,the Samsung Round smartphone is an example, but never anything like it: theTVLG (as well as Samsung's TV competitor) is simply not curve but flexible on command! The user can adjust the angle of curvature.

With these innovative appliances TV, users can control the angle of curvature for a viewing experience that, until recently, was only available in the realm of science fiction.

There curved tvon the contrary, that it bends, does not come out of nowhere. In addition to the technology presented by LG itself at the Display Week 2013, this innovative televisionuses a Samsung-branded device.

ThereSamsung, in fact, he had already patented a motorized system for changing, on command, the angle of curvature of a display. The remote control is not only used to change the channel but also to vary the angle of curvature of the sametelevision.

This is how two flexible TV models are born: LG vs Samsung
The fruit of these technologies should arrive on the market during 2015. There are no official announcements but soon the time will be ripe and the first models offlexible tv (with adjustable angle of curvature) to land on the market will be two:

Samsung Ultra HD TV
Samsung's Ultra HD TV will feature a flexible 85 ″ LCD panel with adjustable bending angle.

LG's Ultra HD OLED TV will feature a flexible 77 ″ OLED display with adjustable bending angle.

These TVs leave the user the choice of the angle of curvature to be set on command. By completely zeroing the angle, it is possible to obtain an absolutely flat panel.

Tv with flexible screenscompared: energy consumption
The difference between the twoTVit lies not only in the size of the displays but also in the technology used. Recall that OLED is the acronym forOrganic Light Emitting DiodeliterallyOrganic light emitting diode. This technology makes it possible to create high-resolution displays capable of emitting their own light: OLED displays do not require other additional components to be illuminated. OLED technology makes it possible to produce displays with 40% lower consumption than a current LCD. To keep up with OLED technology, LCD proponents have developed the so-called low-power LCD that reduces energy hunger but fails to match the reduced thickness of the OLED.

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