Electric buses arrive in Krakow

Electric buses arrive in Krakow

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Theelectric busesthey begin to spread also in Krakow. Since April, the test of theUrbino Electric solar panelswhich for 12 months will serve on the streets of Krakow helping to assess the feasibility of a network based exclusively onelectric buses.

L'electric bus Solaris Urbino Electric is equipped with a 210 kWh battery that is charged during the night, when theelectric busit is parked in the depot. Charging takes place using a classic 100 kW high voltage battery charger and not through a wireless system as seen for the zero-emission buses of the State of Utah that recharge wirelessly during the classic stops.

The electric thrusters are mounted directly in the wheel hubs, with this strategy, not only does the overall weight of theelectric busbut the load capacity is further increased by eliminating the bulk and expanding the space inside the bus cabin.

"Investing in sustainable transport systems seems to be inevitable nowadays. Krakow is keeping up with this general trend and is actively involved in freeing the city from traffic congestion. "This is how Julian Pilszczek, CEO of Cracow City Transport (MPK), the transport company responsible for the test, commented.

Exhaust gases and fine dust are the main cause of city smog, zero emission mobility could significantly reduce this problem.

Solaris Urbino Electric will operate on line 154 which accompanies commuters from the Pradnik Bialy main train station to the northernmost district of the city. The cost of the ticket to cover the entire journey will be the standard one. L'electric busit will work for the whole day and will spend the night in storage to ensure a full recharge.

Until today, the same model ofelectric busit has already been seen on the streets of Kalgenfurt, Austria, on those of Braunschweig, Dussendorf and Hamburg (in Germany) and in the districts of Vasteras, in Sweden.

Video: Poland, Kraków, electric bus 154 ride from Dworzec Glówny Zachód to Prądnik Biały (August 2022).