Innovation and sustainability in logistics

Innovation and sustainability in logistics

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Logistics and innovation, with an eye to environmental sustainability, was the theme of the conference 'Logistics changes pace' on April 15 in Salsomaggiore. Why talk about innovation? Because this issue is always fundamental, but especially in times of economic slowdown when companies are looking for prospects for a revival. Equally urgent is sustainability which, in the course of a slow revolution that is changing engines and fuels, will change transport.

The event was organized byItalian Association of Logistics and Supply Chain Management AILOG, in collaboration with Logistically and with the Parma Union of Industrialists. Success stories told by the protagonists, emerging problems, risks but also opportunities were at the center of the discussion.

Process innovation, not just technologies for logistics. Paolo Bisogni, president of AILOG, underlined the differences between the manufacturing sector and that of logistics. If in the first, in fact, innovation mainly concerns technologies, in logistics the greatest potential for improvement lies in the processes.

Two examples to better understand. The most important innovations of the past in the world of logistics it was pallets, in 1944, the barcode that followed just in time and supply chain management. As if to say: you don't need extraordinary inventions, but rather something, even apparently ordinary, that can be made available to everyone. If this were not the case, innovation would be useless.

Success stories in logistics. Eurostandard, with the collaboration of AB Coplan, illustrated the Inventory Management System, a continuous planning system that guarantees the availability of components and finished products while respecting production needs. Alfacod presented Eagle, a Forklift Guidance System to manage the warehouse with precision to the millimeter in the management of the trolleys and in the identification of products, with the help of GPS, Marker and WiFi technologies.

It's still. BTG Technologies and Smart Res illustrated the use of RFId technology for all warehouse needs: traceability, inventory, logistics and traceability of the product along the production chain. We talked about the Global Value Mapping system, an evolution of the 'lean' approach, which aims to improve the added value of individual processes.

Pro-Vision and Lumson talked about the renewal of the Warehouse Management System, increasingly identified as a tool that facilitates change and increases competitive advantage. Door2Green finally examined the topic of sustainability in logistics, hand in hand with innovation and efficiency

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