Ecological car incentives: here they are again

Ecological car incentives: here they are again

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They come back car incentives for the purchase of ecological vehicles starting from 6 May. They can be requested for all electric cars, hybrid cars, LPG, methane, biomethane, biofuels and hydrogen. Objective: to move the car market by leveraging overall low-emission mobility.

For those who have to change the car, this is good news. The clash expected by the new car incentives in fact it is not bad, 5 thousand euros, half paid by the seller and half as a state contribution.

All electric or thermal engines with final CO₂ emissions not exceeding 120 g / km are included in the bonus. The scrapping obligation is only provided for vehicles used by third parties and companies with total emissions up to 120 g / km of CO2. The car incentives 2014 will also be a stimulus for the renewal of the car fleet, which is rather old in Italy.

They are admitted to car incentives vehicles (public or private) with overall low emissions (BEC), that is, those that use in exclusive or dual mode, alternative fuels (hydrogen, biofuels, methane, biomethane, LPG, electricity).

In detail, the car incentives all vehicles that produce CO₂ emissions not exceeding 95 g / km purchased by all types of buyers, including private citizens, without the need to scrap the obsolete car. But vehicles with CO₂ emissions not exceeding 120 g / km (with the obligation of scrapping) used exclusively as capital goods by companies, craftsmen and professionals or destined for taxis are also incentivized (indeed especially given that half of the allocation is for them) , rental with driver, vehicles for car-sharing, short-term rental, logistics and scheduled services.

The decree of launch of the new ones car incentives for the purchase of ecological models was signed by the Government on April 3 together with the allocation of the necessary resources. There is talk of 31.3 million euros of new allocation which is added to the 32.1 million euros 'advanced' last year. Total: € 63.4 million available for green mobility.

Low-emission vehicles are on the whole catching on and the renewal of car incentives for low-emission vehicles it gives a new boost. Electric cars still have a rather high purchase price (such as to make incentives necessary) but from the point of view of infrastructures (possibility of recharging) the situation is good, at least as regards urban mobility.

In a recent seminar in Milan on green mobility, and dedicated in particular to the European Directive on alternative fuels approved in April by the European Parliament, it was emphasized that the electric has reached an initial maturity but is now only partially able to satisfy low-emission mobility needs. In fact, the limit of extra-urban and motorway travel remains.

On the low-emission extra-urban mobility front, methane and in particular biomethane obtained from agricultural biogas may play a role (this type of power supply is also included in the car incentives). Especially after the approval in December 2013 of the standard authorizing the use of biomethane for automotive, injection into the national gas network and high-efficiency cogeneration.

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