How to upholster a chair with DIY

How to upholster a chair with DIY

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Do you have an old chair with broken upholstery or do you want to change its look? Upholstering a chair without resorting to an upholsterer is not difficult at all, it is enough to be patient and be inclined to do it yourself. To upholster the chairs, the expense is minimal: the material needed is easily available. In this regard we will illustrate you like upholstering a chair following our step by step guide.

How to upholster a chair, the necessary

  • Upholstery foam / sponge: alternatively, wadding is fine
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Wall stapler
  • Scissors
  • Spray glue for high density foam
  • Lining fabric of your choice

How to upholster a chair, the procedure

  1. Clean the chair very carefully and disassemble it in its removable parts: obviously the seat will have to be removed
  2. Turn the chair over and remove the seat with the help of a screwdriver
  3. Place the seat on the sponge and shape the shape you need
  4. Do the same operation with cardboard too: cardboard is necessary to give more thickness and volume to the chair to be upholstered without having to resort to other less economical materials.
  5. Glue the first cardboard template to the seat then glue the sponge to the cardboard, starting from the lowest layer, then from the seat you will place the cardboard then the sponge: in this way you have obtained a sandwich-shaped structure
  6. Measure the thickness and the entire diameter of the seat obtained, taking the measurements very carefully: these data must be reported very carefully on the upholstery fabric with which to cover the chair
  7. To avoid making a mistake in the measurements, cut out the upholstery fabric with 5-6 cm of excess: the excess is not a waste but is used to secure the fabric to the chair
  8. With the wall stapler, fix the upholstery fabric to the back of the seat: before stapling the fabric, make sure that the fabric is taut for the onset of annoying creases on your chair
  9. Always reassemble the seat with the help of the screwdriver

Your upholstered chair is ready

Useful information: if you prefer you can fix the trimmings all around the seat with the hot gun, to cover any staples
If necessary, remove the paint from the wooden part of the chair and then repaint it with transparent spray

Do you have an old chair in the cellar to be repaired? The restoration of a chair do it yourself does not involve a complex procedure. The classic upholstery on the seat can be easily repaired with little money and with a few tools, it will be enough to respect the fundamental rules of doing it yourself. For further information | How to restore a chair

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