How to grow wild strawberries

How to grow wild strawberries

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How to grow wild strawberries: instructions for growing wild strawberries at home or in the garden. Care and period of harvest and planting.

They are very popular in the kitchen, lending themselves to a large number of recipes. They lend themselves to the garnish of cakes, to the preparation of fruit salads, jams, centrifuged and fruit juices but above all plumcakes and desserts able to enhance their flavor.

Wild strawberries, where to find them

On the market it is possible to find wild strawberriesin small containers or in frozen bags.

The wild strawberries they grow spontaneously in the mountains, in humid undergrowth and on shady ditches. They can be collected throughout Italy but they can also be collected grow indoorsor in the garden with extreme ease.

Wild strawberries, property

As for the virtues of wild strawberries, remember that they are rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. They are notoriously rich in fiber and, like most fruits, contain a strong aqueous component. Water represents 90% of the weight of the wild strawberry. In short, these small fruits are very refreshing, tasty, healthy and ideal for a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

Having taken note of the properties of wild strawberries, why not dedicate a corner of the garden to these plants? Just follow a few simple precautions and with little effort you can enjoy self-produced fruit.

Wild strawberries, grown in pots or in the garden

The wild strawberries they can be grown both flat and sloping, creating small mounds of earth. It is possible to start a cultivation of wild strawberries only on condition that the chosen place is particularly humid in winter and placed in a position where the sun's rays are massively filtered. On this page, we will illustrate you how to grow wild strawberries following all the necessary indications.

For complete instructions: Potted wild strawberries. In the article I will tell you about my personal experience with the cultivation of wild strawberries or wild strawberries, varieties to choose from, seeds and the best fertilizer.

How to grow wild strawberries

The wild strawberries they can be grown both in open ground and in vases garden, here are the indications.

Grow wild strawberries in the garden

In case of planting in the ground, arrange in a not very sunny area during the hottest hours of the day, do not forget that these plants love humid and shady environments.

Prepare the soil by removing all the weeds and adding compost mixed with the soil to lower the pH of the soil, then slightly compact the earth with the help of a roller

How to plant strawberries
When planting wild strawberries, make sure you leave enough space (at least 40 cm) between one plant and another. Space is needed to allow the seedlings to grow freely, making sure that the collar of the plants is always out of the ground.

Water the plants regularly but sparingly, preferably with a drip irrigation system.

Only in case of poor soil, once a month give a complete fertilizer to ensure our plants the right nourishment.

How to grow wild strawberries at home

In case of planting on the balcony or in the house, fill the containers with soil mixed with peat and parts of bark.

Grow wild strawberries indoorsit is possible as long as the environment is kept very humid. In the saucer, arrange small clay balls to keep constantly wet.

How to grow wild strawberries, advice

To protect the wild strawberries from excessive heat, it is advisable to mulch the ground at the base using cut and dried grass or straw. In case of drought, water the plants more regularly.

Wild strawberries, period of planting

The planting of the seedlings is carried out when the summer heat begins to decrease, therefore in August in Northern Italy and towards September in the Center-South, where with favorable climatic conditions it can continue until October. The planting, in ideal climatic conditions and with seedlings already developed, can also be done around May.

Wild strawberries, harvest time

The harvesting period falls exactly one year after planting. The harvesting period for wild strawberries can go from May to the end of October depending on the temperature of the geographical area in which we are located.

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