Social trekking: appointment in Turin, with zero impact

Social trekking: appointment in Turin, with zero impact

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For those who are social, for trekking lovers, for those who are already a practitioner of social trekking, a trip to Turin for 5 and 6 April on the occasion of Social Trekking Turin, # stt2014, the third appointment ever to learn how to walk together in a different way, involving people and the city. Who doesn't need it these days? So all followers of the social trekking.

In two days in the open air, migrant walks, urban trekking, surprise walks and excursions are scheduled, both in the green and in corners of the city yet to be discovered. And not just curiosity looking around but also interacting with fellow travelers and locals, just like the social trekking teaches.

The festival will take place totally in zero impact, you move on foot and make the most of public transport, in order not to produce pollution or culturally invade the area that hosts the meeting. All walks are free and open to all, just book. To find out more on the site, there is the entire program, from day to day, enriched by new opportunities and original ideas to deepen the social trekking.

Saturday morning we start with a visit to the Porta Palazzo market and then take a look at the other city markets, with Passeggiate Migranti, in the afternoon social trekking instead it becomes an opportunity for a surprise walk in the historic center. Surprise on the destination, and also on the walking companions.

Sunday the program is no less rich, indeed, and the social trekking will be used to discover the soul of a fascinating land, with a true rural experience as guests of the Turin hills. From Superga to the hamlet of Sassi, from Monte dei Cappuccini to visit the Mountain Museum, up to Bocciofila di Sassi from which to leave for the last experience of social trekking, with music readings and various guests.

Then everyone at home, with miles in their legs and many new faces in their eyes. And of course a few more friends, with whom you already know you have a passion in common. Precious, this social trekking.

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