Crafting with waste materials: DAMSS hosted by Abilità

Crafting with waste materials: DAMSS hosted by Abilità

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Create with waste textile material is the goal of Daniela and Marco, whose works represent the encounter between art and the ethics of recovery.

From 20 to 23 February these two artists return for the second time to Skillfully, at the Vicenza Fair, offering a creative look at the future: recovering old values ​​from a discarded material to recognize new expressive meanings.

Daniela and Marco in front of one of their works also exhibited in Paris

The International Exhibition-Atelier of Creative Manuals offers artists an entire pavilion of the Vicenza Fair, with a wide program of courses and demonstrations which, in addition to Daniela and Margo del Damss, will see Cristina Sperotto and Revers Lab among the protagonists.

There are four Ateliers planned within Abamente:

- L'Patchwork workshop it will give space and visibility to 3 different Exhibitions: the international competition “Distortion”; the “Quilt de Legende Brouage” exhibition and finally the “Rosso Mimma” exhibition-competition in memory of Angela Diana Coletta, a pioneer of patchwork in Italy.

- L'Crochet and tricot workshop, in addition to patchwork, yarn and fabric will also play leading roles at Abilità, in fact an entire Atelier is dedicated to the yarn which will present the latest trends in this world that is finding more and more approval and luck among the passionate. In support of knitting will be the "Cuore di Maglia" association, a non-profit foundation that is responsible for giving support with the creations of knitters to children with problems in neonatal age. Among the protagonists there will be Gaia Segattini, curator of the blog “Vendetta Uncinetta”, one of the most followed on the net.

- L'Paper atelier in this edition it will be dedicated to sensoriality. In fact, it will propose a path that sees all the paper processing processes, from the dough to handcraft soft and pasty sheets, to watercolor painting, from binding to designer packaging. Do not miss the scrapbooking technique with which original photo albums are made.

- L'Natural dyes atelier will reveal how to naturally color noble and precious materials such as silk. The natural pigments release all their essence as if by magic, revealing unique colors and shades for a chromotherapy show. In this Atelier there will be a particular Dyer's Laboratory: the revelation of alchemy that allows the coloring matter to be extracted from a plant and transferred and fixed on the fabric.

Another thematic area will be dedicated to Cake Design which, in addition to hosting a wide commercial offer of pastes and cake decorating equipment, will include a workshop, where free demonstrations will be held for the duration of the event.

Here is all the information to visit Skilfully at the Vicenza Fair from 20 to 23 February:

Open every day: 9.30am - 7.00pm
Full: € 12.00
Reduced: € 10.00 children between 13 and 18 years, over 60, groups of more than 25 people, pre-registrations on the event website and promotional brochures.
Reduced: € 9.00 Famila and Emisfero card holders. A card is valid for the entry of one person.
Free admission: children between 0 and 12 years (inclusive), disabled people and their companions.

For more information you can visit:

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