The agricultural machinery of the future

The agricultural machinery of the future

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Between agricultural machinery of the future there is the low environmental impact seeder which transmits information on seed distribution in real time to the driver in combination with fertilizer spreading, the area worked in an hour and the state of the soil. Forget the tractors of the past, which were also fantastic, today in agriculture we talk about high-tech robotic machines.

Sometimes these are 'ghost cars', as those that are radio-controlled at a safe distance or even remotely controlled via the Internet are defined. Between agricultural machinery of this type there are green climbers for the maintenance of greenery designed to operate on land with a slope of up to 60%, for example pastures and hills. On very sloping ground it is better that the operator is not forced to stand on the machine. Prerogative of these agricultural machinery it is safety at work, it is no coincidence that this is the variant of a model designed for the maintenance of refineries.

Between agricultural machinery of the future that were seen at the Fieragricola di Veronac is also a new folding harrow that reaches 8 meters of working width but is able to treat the sowing soil according to the principle of minimum tillage, the so-called minimun tillage. In short, a harrow as large as it is delicate because agriculture is increasingly becoming a precision agriculture.

If we move to the vineyard, between agricultural machinery of the future we find the drift stopper, a substance sprayer equipped with recovery panels that is able to recover up to 95% of the product used, whether it is an agro-drug or a fertilizer, thus minimizing both the environmental impact and the management costs of the vineyard. Also in this case we speak of precision agriculture.

Common feature of all agricultural machinery of the future is to be designed to produce more and produce better. In total safety and with an eye to sustainability. From the point of view of sustainability, it must be said that Italy is already doing quite well given that only 5.4% of polluting emissions in our country derive from agriculture; compared to a European average which is around 10 per cent.

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