How to sanitize the washing machine

How to sanitize the washing machine

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How to sanitize the washing machine: instructions to disinfect the washing machine and eliminate bad odors, black spots on the seals and bad smells.

Do you feel a strange musty smell or stale water in the washing machine? This occurs if the washing machine it is not new and it has been a long time since it was last cleaned.

In the article we will illustrate how to sanitize the washing machine using natural remedies or specific products. To ensure the efficiency of your washing machine and avoid unpleasant situations such as smelly clothes at the end of the wash, it is good sanitize the washing machine periodically. Do not overlook the fact that often the dirt accumulated inside the door is transferred to freshly washed clothes!

When to sanitize the washing machine

We can feel the need fordisinfect the washing machine drumif we buy the appliance already used or after washing the carpets, full of dust and dog hair.

There is no fixed rule on when to sanitize the washing machine. Much depends on the frequency of washing and the type of load. If you wash work coats or if the water quality is excessively hard.

Bad smells in the washing machine

Limescale tends to dirty the filter and basket and mixed with other dirt can generate bad smells. Warning! It is not the limestone itself that gives off the bad smell from the washing machine drum, it is rather the residues of the washing. Even if many of you don't suspect it, even detergent residues can dirty the seals of the washing machine and cause bad smells! Yep, the scented detergent you love so much can turn into a smelly amorphous substance.

How to sanitize the washing machine

In this paragraph we will see how to sanitize the washing machine with the DIY.

  • Program an empty wash, setting a temperature of at least 90 degrees in order to dissolve stubborn dirt and eliminate bad smells: this operation must be done every three months if you wash it on a weekly basis.
  • To eliminate bad smells and clean the washing machine, pour a cup of white vinegar into the drum or detergent compartment: it is a 5 percent acid product that will not damage the washing machine but will remove any odors. It is also excellent for removing limescale, at least partially.
  • Carefully clean the door and the drum of the washing machine at least once a month: lukewarm water is sufficient.
  • Clean, every month, the rubbers and gaskets that make up the closure of the drum and the detergent and softener compartments.
  • Always keep the water loading and unloading filters clean, in this regard the guide on cleaning the washing machine filter could be useful.

If the washing machine is very dirty because its basket has housed the dog's blanket, it may be advisable to use adisinfectant. In this case, in the empty wash, pour a cup of bleach and manually clean the seals using alcohol.

How to keep your washing machine clean and prevent bad smell

  • Always leave the door of the washing machine, when this is not in operation, this allows the passage of air, avoiding the formation of mold and unpleasant odors.
  • Make sure that the remaining water left in the washing machine flows into the drain hose.
  • Use only specific descalers and at the doses indicated by the manufacturer.

How to sanitize the washing machine even during washing

Instead of softener you can use white vinegar: you will get the same softness effect! The vinegar is able to soften the garments and, at the same time, keep the washing machine drum clean, eliminating bad smells and softening the hard water.

It is advisable to add a cup of vinegar even when washing gym clothes or those soaked in sweat that need special hygiene.

How to sanitize the washing machine with ad hoc products

On the market it is possible to find descaling and degreasing products suitable for cleaning the filter and internal parts of the washing machine. For this type of product, we refer you to the article dedicated to cleaning the washing machine filter, already mentioned above. In this paragraph we will point out a product that can clean and disinfect the drum, seals and fittings of the washing machine and capable ofeliminate bad smells, stains and various impurities.

Among the various products on the market we point out the Super Clean - eliminates odors and detergent residues by Electrolux, offered on Amazon at a price of 10.90 euros with free shipping.

Each pack allows for two treatments and contains two sachets of enzymes and two bags of degreaser.

The procedure to follow consists in starting the washing machine empty with a washing program at 40 ° and adding the enzymes previously dissolved in water. The enzymes must be put directly from the detergent drawer.

The manufacturer recommends turning off the washing machine halfway through the wash and leaving the water inside so that the product works overnight.

The next morning, the water is drained and the next step is to choose a washing program at 60 ° and start it having inserted the degreasing powder in the detergent box. At the end of the wash, a rinse will be carried out.

We have reported this product because, thanks to the enzymes, it is able to eliminate even residues of mold in the washing machine or on the seals. It is capable of eliminating dirt stains and bad smells.

If you have never performed a sanitizing treatment on your washing machine, it would probably be recommended to do two of them 15 days apart. In case of extensive black spots on the gasket, one treatment may not be enough.

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