Calculate the environmental impact of everything

Calculate the environmental impact of everything

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L'environmental impact what is that? Well, we could define it as the 'weight' indeed the imprint of every object - but also of every human behavior - on the delicate system of nature. If the impact is delicate, the system holds up, if it is heavy, the balance is lost and traces remain in nature that are difficult to erase.

Everything has a environmental impact. Mike Berners-Lee in the subtitle to his book cites examples of a pint of beer or a trip to space, but the truth is that everything that goes through your mind right now has a environmental impact, except perhaps the thought itself but we are not sure.

And how is theenvironmental impact? Fundamental question, necessary answer: in fact, what cannot be measured is not known. In the case of environmental impact, the measure is commonly the CO₂, carbon dioxide, which what we are misrating has left along the way.

In the case of an object, theenvironmental impact it is represented by the CO₂ released in the production-distribution-use-disposal processes up to the end of life. In the case of behavior, let's take the example of a car trip, theenvironmental impact it is given by the emissions of the vehicle used multiplied by the kilometers traveled. The next time you go biking is theenvironmental impact it will be more content.

The book we are recommending you to read, which can be purchased online, will help you calculate theenvironmental impact of your actions and the objects you use every day, so that you can concretely make your contribution to the health of the planet. The examples are numerous and the style is fun. The publication is recent, Terre di Mezzo.

Mike Berners-Lee Your footprint. Discover the environmental impact of everything. From a pint of beer to a journey into space

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