Bedbugs, natural remedies

Bedbugs, natural remedies

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The bedbugs, annoying insects that infest homes, are by no means harmless to humans: they sting, cause redness, itching and anaphylactic shock in cases of hypersensitivity to their bite. On the market we find several effective products against bedbugs which, however, are harmful to the environment, without neglecting the fact that they are dangerous products in the presence of pets and children. To delete the bedbugs we can resort to natural remedies which consist of specific interventions on the structure of the walls, (to block access routes) and the use of substances unwelcome to insects.

Bedbugs, prevention

  • Make sure that there are no easy access routes from the outside to the inside
  • Install mosquito nets on the windows
  • Check the walls and baseboards for any cracks or nests and possibly seal with both putty and silicone.
  • Mount rubber bands on the doors that lead to the outside in order to create an obstacle between the end of the door and the floor: even a few millimeters allow the bug to enter
  • On the ventilation grilles, on the air conditioning ducts, mount tight mesh nets

Bedbugs in the house
If you suspect the presence of bedbugs in the house, it is good to act accordingly:

  • Wash all the laundry in the washing machine, preferring high temperatures if the color and fabric allow it
  • Knock the mattress hard, clean with a vacuum cleaner and finally sterilize it with the steam cleaning machine
  • Detach cupboards, bedside tables and cabinets from the wall and clean them with a solution of water and vinegar.
  • Leave a few cloves of garlic in the most infested corners of the house: bedbugs do not like its smell
  • Clean the furniture, the floor and the skirting boards with a solution based on water, garlic and vinegar: for preparation, just boil a garlic, both whole and cut into wedges, in half a liter of water and a glass of vinegar.

Bedbugs, natural remedy
There are some natural products like mint and neem oil that can get rid of them bedbugs. To prepare it, just infuse a dozen mint leaves in half a liter of water. After filtering the product, add 5 milliliters of neem oil. This solution can be used on plants, windowsills, doors and windows with the sprayer or for cleaning furniture.

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