Artichoke, properties and benefits

Artichoke, properties and benefits

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The artichoke it is an ancient, precious, vegetable that was commonly eaten since the time of the Egyptians. the culture of artichoke it is widespread throughout the Mediterranean area, especially Italy as well as in France and Spain.
In the kitchen the artichoke it is much appreciated of which the flowers not yet bloomed are used while, for therapeutic purposes, the leaves, with a very bitter taste, are used. The beneficial properties of artichoke, mainly due to cynarin, occur mainly in the liver: it is in fact considered the protector of the liver and the active ingredients are contained in the leaves. Although it is not very rich in vitamins, only a little of A and C, the artichoke has a significant amount of potassium, iron and other mineral salts such as copper, zinc, sodium, etc. it can also be eaten by everyone and at all ages because it is easily digestible.

Artichoke, property
According to experts, thanks to the cinarina, substance contained in it, the artichoke is able to facilitate diuresis and biliary secretion. In the artichoke is found the presence of inulin, a substance that is able to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood (hypocholesterolemic action). The artichoke also enjoys digestive and diuretic properties. In the heart of the artichoke we find an antioxidant chlorogenic acid, which is capable of preventing arteriosclerotic and cardiovascular diseases. The substances with antioxidant properties contained in the artichoke have a potential antitumor activity which is now a reason for research in order to confirm their veracity.
ATTENTION: at the expense of a higher cost, it is advisable to purchase products of safe biological origin.

Artichoke, therapeutic doses
Therapeutic doses of cynarin range from 60 mg to 1.5 grams. This is equivalent to taking 100 to 300 g per day of fresh artichoke for a fairly long period.

Artichoke, contraindications
It is not recommended for use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding: it is better to refrain from consuming artichokes during this period, as they reduce milk production.

Artichoke extract, where to buy it

To take an ideal dose of cynarin for your body, the ideal would obviously be to always eat fresh products but the extracts in tablets can be a valid support of cynarin in particular periods of the year when you cannot find fresh artichoke or you do not have the time or the desire to cook it.

I think, for example, of when I go on vacation to Egypt, where the menu of hotels is always poor in fruit and vegetables. In these cases, having tablets available is definitely useful in order not to impoverish the diet of very important substances.

The online prices are, among other things, rather low in proportion to the number of hires that can be secured:a vial of 60 capsules costs only 14 Euros.

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