Ideas for a successful Buffet

Ideas for a successful Buffet

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When organizing an event, to avoid the risk of being distracting, it is always advisable to choose a main theme, it is the same forbuffet organization. Locateideas for a buffetof success means analyzing in detail what your resources are both from a material point of view (structure, objects, accessories, decorations ...) and from an economic point of view (budget to invest).

The choice of the theme for the buffet
If it's about thebuffetEaster or Christmas, the main theme is easy: for thebuffetAt Christmas, just place fake snow, LED lights and a few trees here and there. If it's about thebuffetEaster bows, doves and eggs must not be missing! Othersideasprovide for the adoption of a style: with abuffetcountry you could use country objects to decorate and set up the tables, a carial to contain drinks and fruit crates to hold the food, in this case the products to be served could be grown directly in your garden or purchased from a local retailer so at zero km.


For lovers of the genre, thewineit could be a great main theme. The tables of thebuffetthey could be set up for a cheese tasting accompanied by wine from the family vineyard; also in this case the furniture will play a fundamental role and for this we refer you to our photo gallery! Identifying a theme is not so difficult. If you are organizing a fundraiser for remote locations in the Southern hemisphere, the theme could be Black Africa, if you are celebrating a degree, the theme of the buffet it could be the same as your thesis, even if it is a very boring economy ... I'm sure there is a way!

The presentation of the food
Not to be overlooked, during abuffet, is the presentation of the food! Too often, whoorganize a buffetit merely displays food and drinks, so the guest finds himself consuming without even knowing what! It would be perfect to have a representative explaining to guests theretypicalityof one or another food; if it is abuffetat zero km it might be nice to invite the producers of the food served directly! If you really don't feel like trying your hand at certain explanations, don't forget to insert an explanatory plate for each dish.


How to prepare a table forbuffet
If everything depends on your intentions for the choice of the theme and the food, the situation changes when it comes to preparing the tables. There are some standard tips to follow which we summarize in a short list:
-foods must be arranged in trays and plates placed at variable heights so as to create a point of visual interest
- in the case of several tables, it is better not to place them side by side ... arranging them one in front of the other will add aesthetic value to the buffet
when more dishes or objects are grouped together, use an odd number, the effect will be more pleasing to the eye
-if thebuffetlacks a theme, choose a basic set of colors.

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