Backpacks, bags and shoulder bags with solar panels

Backpacks, bags and shoulder bags with solar panels

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It will have happened to everyone at least once: leaving the house, going shopping and… realizing that your smartphone's battery is flat! Ah .. if only you had mounted aSolar Panelon yoursbackpack! They exist on the marketbackpacksbagsand baby carriers that integratesolar cells, always on the market it is possible to find kits to transform your faithfulbackpackin a small electrical unit ready to deliver the energy output needed to recharge your portable devices. You just have to choose which path to follow!

The more geeks can buy a photovoltaic module to be sewn in the front area of ​​the backpack, the solar cell must then be connected to a storage battery; a lithium polymer battery (5000 mAh capacity) with a 5V output - perfect for charging GPS devices, cameras, smartphones and tablets - costs around 40 euros. The expense increases if you buy a ready-to-use kit, usually these kits are equipped with a tear or pliers application, thus connecting to the backpack and are ready for use.

Some models of solar backpack, bag and shoulder bag can be viewed in oursPHOTO GALLERY.

At this address we have already presented some models ofbackpackswithsolar panels.The models described in the previous article were mostly sporty but there is no lack of elegant proposals. Ennio Capasa's Italian Style combines elegance, beauty and innovation with its sophisticated bags that perfectly integrate photovoltaic units ready to recharge any device with the sun.

But how long do thesolar panelsof ourbackpackto recharge a small portable electrical device? The times vary depending on the capacity and efficiency of the system used, generalizing it can be said that the time to fully recharge a mobile phone or camera with a backpack or bag with 2.7 kW solar panels is about 5 hours. We leave you with this demonstration video which, even if a little dated, makes the idea perfectly!

Video: Mochila Kingsons Beam Backpack The Most Advanced Solar Power Backpack (August 2022).