How to grow cauliflower

How to grow cauliflower

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Instructions onhow to grow cauliflower in pots or in the garden. Practical advice and varieties to choose from, from purple cauliflower to classic white cauliflower. Fertilization, diseases and treatments.

Please note: they also existcauliflowernot edible. In this case, we refer you to the page dedicated to ornamental cauliflowers. In both cases, pot cultivation is possible. In this article we will focus oncauliflower cultivationto bring to the table!


The cauliflower it is a compact vegetable with small inflorescences gathered on a large core. THEcauliflowerbelong to the family of Cruciferous.

Thecauliflowerit has a color that can vary between white, green and purple and together with the more tender leaves of the casing, it represents the edible part. In short, you eat everything from cauliflower, with the exception of the root and the outer leaves, which are too old and hard.

There cauliflower cultivation does not require particularly difficult care.

Purple cauliflower

THEpurple cauliflowerI am not a foreign devilry! You will be surprised to know that among the purple varieties the most popular is of Sicilian origin: the Sicilian cabbage “choux violet de Sicileliterally,purple cabbage from Sicily, seems to be more famous in the rest of Europe than in Italy.

Thepurple cauliflowerit is rich in anthocyanins, antioxidant pigments that give the vegetable its purple color.

The right time to grow Sicilian cabbages?
It can cultivate both in spring / summer and between autumn and winter. In autumn and early winter, it is necessary to sow in a protected environment (in advance) and plant the plants already well developed, or cultivate in a greenhouse (wisest choice even for the southerners).

In late spring, however, it is possible to continue with the sowing of cauliflowers in the open field. Where to buy purple cauliflowers to sow in the garden? If you are Sicilian, just go to an agricultural consortium, otherwise I refer you tothis Amazon page, where a sachet of seeds of purple cabbage from Sicily is offered at a price of 7.56 euros

Even the purple cauliflowerit does not require special care, it is a fairly resistant plant even if it prefers a temperate climate, so late planting is to be avoided.

When to grow cauliflower: period and sowing

You can do the sowing of cauliflower in different periods, according to the variety you have purchased. For thepurple Sicilian cabbageswe have already seenwhen to sowand whenplant… Let's see for the other varieties.

  • The spring ones can be sown in the summer and you can plantin the vegetable garden in early autumn.
  • Summer cauliflowers can sowin early spring and transplanted to the garden as soon as they reach 5 cm, with at least 3 real well-developed leaves.
  • THE cauliflowerwinter you can sowin spring and you can plantwhen they reach a height of 15 cm and in any case by November (in the south) and October (in the center-north).

Rather than tell you about early, very early or late varieties, we have reported the harvest period to make everything easier. Let's see in detail how to grow cauliflower, following some useful indications.

How to grow cauliflower

Useful information for thecultivation of potted cauliflowersor in the garden.

  • During the sowing phase, respect a distance of at least 60 cm on the rows and 30 - 50 cm between the rows (so you must leave between 30 and 50 cm of space between one plant and another).
  • The sowing depth is 1 cm.
  • Periodically practice mulching or cover the plant with a black plastic sheet when the weather requires it.
  • Irrigate the garden towards sunset or in the early hours of the day, in order to avoid thermal changes in the plants and waste of water caused by evaporation.
  • They are vegetables with a high water content and a shallow root system, so to obtain large cauliflowers do not skimp on irrigation.
  • Apply monthly fertilization with standard nitrogen fertilizersammonium sulfate, or natural fertilizer obtained with simple composting techniques.

What does thedistance between plants? From your availability of space. The more space you give the plants the better. Plants grown too close together will bear smaller fruit and will be more prone to contracting fungal diseases and parasites.

Grow cauliflower in pots

It cangrowing cauliflower in pots? Yes. Just choose a medium-textured, rich and well-drained soil. Also in this case nitrogen-based fertilizations are recommended but this time not monthly but every 15 days (therefore two fertilizations a month). This way, you can growing potted cauliflowerand get excellent results.

Thesizeof the vessel must be adequate. The pot must have a depth of about 30 cm and a diameter of at least 30 cm.

Cauliflowers: cures and diseases

Beware of some diseases that can affect cauliflower such as the cabbage fly that lays eggs near the cabbage. Once hatched, the larvae settle in the roots causing the plant to die

To defend the plant from disease, you can use natural remedies such as ash, pyrethrum powder and spraying with soapy water, excluding pesticide chemicals.

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