Cigarette butts, the problem of disposal

Cigarette butts, the problem of disposal

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Every day, in Italy alone, around 195 million are producedcigarette butts and most of these end up in the street or even worse, in the sea: icigarette butts they represent 40% of the waste in the Mediterranean Sea. Sad right? but yetdispose of cigarette buttsit is not that difficult, the smoker should limit himself to collecting the butts produced in special fireproof containers and thendispose of themlater.

What we commonly call "butt”Consists of a portion of non-smoked cigarette and the filter. Thus, in thebuttsit is possible to find many chemical pollutants such as nicotine, benzene, volatile organic compounds (VOC), but also polonium-210 and cellulose acetate, the plastic material that makes up the filter. Those just mentioned are just examples, it is estimated that the consumption of cigarettes involves the emission of over 4,500 chemical substances into the environment, many of which are toxic, carcinogenic, harmful or with an irritating action.

Taking into account the substances contained incigarette butts, it is questionableasneeddispose of them correctly: based on the legislation concerning the classification of dangerous substances, i cigarette buttsthey should be classified as hazardous waste. The cigarette buttsthey should be classified as a toxic waste for the environment and treated as such. In California, environmental authorities have classified thesmokeof cigarette as a toxic pollutant for the air while there are numerous evidences that see thecigarettesas contaminants of water and soil.

Municipalities, local administrators but also employers should draw up rules of conduct and install, as happens for other types of waste, special bins for cigarette butts. If we exclude some blatant exceptions (in Pollica, in the province of Salerno, who throws buttson the ground risks administrative penalties to three zeros) for now, only the difference can make itsmoker.

The best solution remains to use pocket butts, like Smookey born from the initiative of an Italian entrepreneur, Pierpaolo Cortesi.

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