Fruit trees, pruning

Fruit trees, pruning

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Among the operations to be done in the garden to ensure maximum growth and productivity for fruit trees we find the pruning. Certainly it is not a very simple task and should be followed by those who have specific knowledge on the subject. Why is it important to prune? There pruning it is a necessary operation in order to contain the growth of more developed trees and shrubs and to favor the production of fruit. But let's see in detail how to prune fruit trees, following some useful indications.

Pruning fruit trees, the period
The best time to prune fruit trees are the autumn and winter months: in practice, pruning is not recommended when the plant has flowers and fruits as long as you do not want to limit production.

Fruit tree pruning, the directions
During the cold season, fruit-bearing trees and shrubs must be fertilized with preventive treatments, both for plants in the ground and in large garden pots.
Before spring arrives, dry and irregular branches must be eliminated, as well as longer ones, in order to give the foliage a more orderly and homogeneous appearance.
Wanting to preserve a natural appearance to the plant, we can limit ourselves to eliminating the branches at the bifurcations, following as far as possible the spontaneous inclinations of the specimen in question.
It will then be necessary to remove the branches that grow facing the center of the plant and those that grow too close to each other or crossing others.

Pruning fruit trees, cutting
How should the cuts be made? The cut plays a fundamental role and must be clean, leaving the surfaces smooth. In this regard, it will be necessary to have adequate garden tools, so get gloves, shears, pruning scissors, hacksaw and possibly a lopper: all tools must be well sharpened and possibly disinfected.
Once the cuts have been made, they will then need to be sealed with synthetic bark to create a protective barrier against parasites.

It should be emphasized that enriching the domestic green space with these fruit trees and shrubs will allow you to enjoy fresh organic fruit made with your own hands ... .. and why not, you will also have the opportunity to increase the biodiversity of the environment by creating a habitat ideal for butterflies, bees and small birds.

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