How to grow the St. Anthony's Lily

How to grow the St. Anthony's Lily

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The time has comeplanting the St. Anthony's Lily, a very fragrant bulbous with white corollas. TheLily of Sant'Antonioit has always been a symbol of virtue and purity. Hercultivationit is simple in fact it does not require much care, you just need to give it a very draining soil!

TheLily of Sant'Antonioit is native to the eastern Mediterranean and adopted in many areas of Europe and the Middle East. It has a very sweet scent and is easy tocultivate.

Forcultivate the St. Anthony lilystart from the site selection: a flowerbed bordered by a low boxwood hedge can frame 3-5 specimens oflily, as well as a combination with dark green leafy perennial species.

How to grow the St. Anthony's Lily?
Prepare a fertile, well-draining and possibly calcareous soil, plant the corms superficially, at a depth of about 5-6 cm. Plant in September and plant the corms in late October. In very cold areas, where winters are characterized by severe frosts, thelily cultivationit must be done with due caution: arrange a layer of leaves or straw on the flowerbed, make a natural mulch with one of the materials listed in this article. The thickness of this "protective cover "it should be 3-5 centimeters.

The only care that thelily of Sant’Antonioit is irrigation when spring is particularly dry. Another danger can be given by some small red insects, it is the cryocera, a beetle that in its larval stage devours the leaves of thelily. If there is not a large infestation of insects, these can be removed with traps and with the destruction of the eggs. If the infestation of beetles has now become overt, it must be combated by administering deltamethrin-1.63, an irritant that must be diluted in the proportion of 8 milliliters per each 10 liters of water.

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