The evolution of the electric bike market

The evolution of the electric bike market

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How is themarketof theelectric bicycle?
There electric bicycleit is a healthy and fun vehicle, it allows you to avoid the stress of parking and traffic problems, however, a good portion of Italians insist on using the car even for short journeys. In countries such as Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark and France, the problem of mobility is taken into great consideration, so much so that thebicycle comes with the means of transport par excellence.

Already, in Switzerland, in 2012 the buyers of bicyclesthere were 348,600, of which 6.7% was a assisted pedaling. In other words, 52,900 were sold in Switzerland in 2012 aloneelectric bikes. Data source: Velosuisse, Swiss supplier association of bicycles.

Also in the UK theelectric bike marketis going strong, despite the rains that characterize the English sky, between 2008 and 2009, the sales of electric bikes went from 15,000 to 20,000, reaching 30,000 units sold in 2010.

Already in 2008, over 21 million were circulating in Chinaelectric bikesand according to the forecasts ofmarket, theassisted pedalingshould become the leader of Asian mobility: it is expected that in 2018 there will be 42 millionelectric bikesin circulation in China, means that China will hold 89% ofglobal electric bike market! Data source: Pike Research Institute, “Electric Bicycles, Global Market Opportunities, Barriers, Technology Issues, and Demand” report.

According to the most recent report "Hybrid & Pure Electric Vehicles for Land, Water & Air 2013-2023", The electric vehicles that will circulate on our roads in 2023 will be approximately 116 million. The analysis conducted by IDTechEx estimates that in the panorama of electric mobility, it will be theeBike marketto hold more substantial figures. Theelectric bike market,in fact, with 30 million units per year produced mainly in China and India, it is expected that themarketof electric bikeit will continue to expand among the countries of the Asia-Pacific area.

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