Wood gasification

Wood gasification

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A repository of woody biomass ready for gasification

If you are interested in the opportunities (all) offered by the renewable energies do not miss the congress'Wood gasification: opportunities and problems', scheduled for 20 September as part of the fair Klimaenergy in Bolzano.

Opening the works will be Stefano Dal Savio, Manager of the Energy & Environment Area of ​​the Tis Innovation Park and David Chiaramonti of Re-cord, who will illustrate the state of the art of wood gasification, a mature technology that is proving to be particularly promising.

The Vice Rector for Research of the University of Zittau / Görlitz, Tobias Zschunke, will announce the results of the project "Federal program for measuring the development of biomass gasification of small size ”, while Werner Tirler of Ecoresearch, will talk about“ Residues and emissions of gasification plants”.

There will be practical examples with the presentation of a trigeneration plant connected to a pellet gasifier and the plant of wood chip gasification connected to the district heating network of the Municipality of Lasa, which will be illustrated by Gerd Huber of Syneco.

The program also includes a guided technical tour (from 14.15 to 18.00) for two gasification plants of small and medium size present in the South Tyrolean area. Convention and international congress are organized by Fiera Bolzano in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Eurac Research, European Academy of Bolzano, TIS Innovation, Ecoistituto Alto Adige, Fraunhofer Italia, IIT Institute for Technological Innovations and South Tyrolean Energy Union.

What is the wood gasification? There gasification (cite Wikipedia) is a chemical process that allows you to convert carbon-rich material, such as coal, oil, or biomass, into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and other gaseous compounds. There gasification it is in practice a method for obtaining energy from different types of organic materials and also finds application in the thermal treatment of waste.

Considering that almost any type of organic material can be used as a raw material for gasification, as the wood, biomass, or even plastic, the gasification it can be a useful technology in the context of increasing the contribution provided by renewable energy.

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