Natural DIY recipes for toothpaste, deodorants and lotions

Natural DIY recipes for toothpaste, deodorants and lotions

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A great toothpaste natural herbs without bleaches and aggressive detergents can be prepared at home with 1 tablespoon of maranta starch (extracted from arundinacea of the plant and used in cooking like other starches), 1 tablespoon of salt, ½ tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and 10 drops of peppermint essence. Seeing is believing.

To replace the deodorants body chemicals that destroy the flora of the skin can be used instead of orange peel, lemon and iris rhizome in powder to use as talc; among the best natural deodorants there is also simple sodium bicarbonate, which minimizes odors and absorbs perspiration perspiration well.

There natural recipe for a good one lotion for hair it is an infusion of rosemary, excellent for dark hair, or an infusion of chamomile for fair hair. Do not forget that the dyes and preservatives of the most common shampoos irritate the skin, as well as the eyes, and their use can be reduced if combined with that of a natural lotion.

If you really don't feel like using it natural recipes do it yourself for thepersonal hygiene, focus on 100% products natural and ecological (even in packaging) that you can find in specialized stores or macrobiotic food stores. In this way you will be doing yourself and the environment a favor.

Why are natural preparations better? Because aggressive soaps can upset the acid balance natural of the skin making it vulnerable to germs and toxic chemicals. THE deodorants as mentioned, chemicals destroy the bacterial flora that it protects natural the skin, drying it and making it more sensitive to irritation.

Furthermore i deodorants antiperspirants that use zinc or aluminum salts to block sweating of the pores prevent the natural escape of toxins through the skin, while shampoos often have an irritating action, especially if they are used frequently.

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