Home composting on the terrace

Home composting on the terrace

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With proper precautions it is possible to do a little home composting also on the terrace, which will make it possible to eliminate a portion of the wet waste fraction and to have some fertilizer for the plants. Who wants to try their hand at home composting on the terrace you can start with small quantities, experimenting with the collection system that best suits your space or according to the time available.

If you decide to do the composting on the terrace it is good to think exclusively of raw fruit and vegetable scraps and dry leaves collected during the cleaning of the terrace itself; forget about the wet leftovers of meat, fish or other slow-degrading waste, which can only be managed in a vegetable garden or garden of a decent size.

The container (composter) for the composting on the terrace it can also be very artisanal, for example an old 15 liter paint bucket well washed and fitted with a non-hermetic lid; the lid is important to protect from any rain, but it must not be airtight because the process of degradation of substances needs air. Organic waste must be placed in the composter in layers, alternating them with soil in the ratio of 3: 1.

To do composting on the terrace you can also use a wooden box high enough to allow a stratification of organic waste with abundant soil, or a cylinder made with a mesh not too wide placed on a fruit box in which there is a layer of earth of 15 cm. Also in these cases the ratio of 3: 1 between waste and soil must be respected.

To accelerate the degradation process (bearing in mind that there are perfectly ecological natural bioactivators) al compost earthworms can be added, perhaps a dozen, having the foresight to keep the composter with a damp floor cloth. Among the waste most appreciated by earthworms are the cleaning of carrots, the peel of pears, the beard of fennel and all the tender chopped vegetables.

Warnings for composting on the terrace. In the heat, many fruit flies are born, so it is important to cover the scraps with a layer of soil when putting them in the composter. Also beware of excess water that causes compost to rot, which is why it must always be protected from rain. At the same time, however, the compost must always be wet and, if too dry, humidified with water sprays.

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